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Saturday, March 1, 2008

LND; Porkchops, Houseboats & Girl's Birthday

I was outside with Charles & another man. Charles went & did something at the fridge. I offered to make them bacon & eggs when he got back. They agreed, so I went to the fridge for eggs & such. Opening the door, I found at least a dozen bags of thawed pork cutlets inside. I wondered how we could possibly eat that many pork chops before they went bad. Later Charles & I were on a houseboat. We went out onto the wrap-around deck. There was also a kind of dock sticking out over the water off of the deck. It looked a bit rickety. Leaning on a railing, I saw a bright, silver fish in the water. I pointed it out to Charles & we tried to figure out what it was. It seemed to have a piranha mouth, but we thought it was a barracuda. When it moved, I saw letters & numbers on the back part of it's body. Soon it was gone, but we realized that the water was a dangerous place to be here. There were other houseboats in the area, as well, almost like a watery neighborhood. Some people installed pools (above ground style,) in the water. There were about 6 of them all packed together & floating (to a small extent,) not far off of the dock area. I pointed it out to Charles, frustrated at the wastefulness & danger of it. Charles went inside for something. I went out onto the dock to give some of the people at the pools heck for being so stupid. On my way back, the dock collapsed beneath me & I fell into the dangerous water. Someone pulled me back onto the wrap around deck before I got scared or anything untoward happened. I found Charles again. We had to go to a girl's birthday party. We didn't know the girl or anyone else in the whole dream. I'd done a couple of paintings & decided to bring one as a gift for the girl. We got into a car & followed written directions to the house, which was pretty far away. Inside, the girl (who was about 7-8,) brought me to see her room, which was very girly. She had a few friends in there & funky stuff was hanging from the ceiling. Soon I realized I'd left her painting back at the houseboat. I told Charles I had to go get it & I left. I got the painting from the houseboat, only to realize that I'd left the directions to get there back at the girl's house.

Pork cutlets are Charles' favorite food. Last night I was talking about making steak & eggs for breakfast this morning (we ended up having it for brunch out on our deck.)
The girl's room reminded me of mine when I was younger--I had all kinds of kites & things hanging from the ceiling. It was like my prison cell in many ways, so I tried to make it as funky as possible.

The picture is from our hike today (during which I got sunburned); the first dandelion of Spring. :)


Veery said...

My son loves bacon and he recently had a dream that they served it at school (with only milk and bread)....dreams are so strange!

Charles Gramlich said...

Was a nice walk. I liked the puppies. I dreamt about vampires last night, and other horror type images.

Erik Donald France said...

Steak, eggs, bacon, pork cutlets -- yeah. . . So glad I gave up trying to be a vegetarian back in the 80s. . .

Some African model fell off her houseboat in Paris a couple weeks ago, weird, huh?

Lana Gramlich said...

Veery; Bacon is yummy & yes, dreams are so very odd!

Charles; The puppies were so cute. At least I finally got to pet a dog again! Your dreams are always so cool.

Erik; Meats are just too darned tasty. Carnivores unite! That is strange, about the model...

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