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Friday, March 7, 2008

ISO Settings & LND; Weddings

I had to take pictures of a bride & groom near the roundabout in town. They weren’t cooperative & kept moving around. As a result, the pictures I was getting weren’t very good (off-center, heads cut off, etc.) The couple wasn’t pleased with the results, nor were they apologetic for the hard time they’d given me. Considering how unreasonable they were being, I decided not to care & left to go marry Charles. I went to a fancy Church with large, stained glass windows behind the altar. Hillary Clinton was marrying us, fully dressed in Church vestments. I was late, but it was okay.

I'm not a Hillary supporter, so I'm not sure where that came from (unless it was from her recent wins in OH & TX.) I'm not a Christian, either, but Charles mentioned yesterday that we once "lived in sin," so that may be what the Church is about (note; a Church also appeared in my dream of Mar. 3rd.) In a more general sense, however, we have elements of merging, spirituality & authority, but also of frustration & criticism.

Blue jay & cardinal picture from yesterday. My digital camera only has 2 ISO settings; normal & high. This picture is set on normal. According to the directions (& other things I've read,) using the high setting has many benefits (including helping with camera shake, for example,) so I gave it a try. Unfortunately all the pictures I took on high came out so grainy they're useless.


Larry said...

We have something in common-I have lots of useless pictures.-I'm really good at taking useless pictures.-It's hard not to dream about politicians with all the coverage they've been getting lately.

Lana Gramlich said...

Larry; I don't waste disk space on useless pix if I can help it. I actually spent a couple of hours earlier this week deleting some "excess" pix, even though they were okay. How many dozens of pictures does one need of cardinals, for example? Now I'm trying to be more discerning & just save the better shots.
I'm just happy I didn't dream of Bush. That would've been a nightmare! said...


I like just posing as a a photograher or paparazzo.
Seems I'm just taken with the visual effect of people chasing Britney or Princess Diana. Brings to mind, somehow, that movie, "The Day of the Locust."
Probably comes from a lot of high school productions, in which I was forced to act. And the old movie, "Medium Cool."
One of my fantasies was to start a rock band called Extra-Extra, with band members looking like outfitted paparazzi--but some kids beat me to it.
I can't take pictues, but I like playing the part.
Maybe because I was a paparazzo once. Chasing poor Indian chiefs around for interviews during one of our many "uprisings" here.
The only successful pictures I ever took was of that famous belfry of the town hall in Philadelphia.
I was on a roll. My honeymoon there.

...You say you are petite.
It almost follows that Charles must be tall...always works that way. :)

Dave Coulter said...

I like the photo. Very colorful!

Tom said...


One of the best things I have found about my digital SLR cameras is that the image quality of high ISO settings is one thousand times better than point and shoots. I like your shot though, having the cardinal blurred and the blue jay not is a very neat effect, and you did a great job at capturing motion!


Lana Gramlich said...

Ivan; "Extra, Extra." Clever idea! I always wanted to have a band named "The Corporate Shills." *LOL* BTW, I may be petite height-wise, but not width-wise. *L* At this height, I consider practically everyone "tall."

Dave; Thank you. I loved the bright colors. :)

Tom; Thanks for the kind words on the photo. I would have thought the high ISO settings would have been better, too. Perhaps it's just my camera (Canon PowerShot A570IS.) One day I may bring all of my cameras & lenses in for a trade up (before they're completely obsolete,) but first I want to get more used to digital.

Charles Gramlich said...

I like how it captured the cardinal in flight, though.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Me too. The higher ISO setting would have captured the movement with more clarity, but as previously mentioned, the entire shot would have come out so grainy it would have been useless. There's got to be an answer to that problem somewhere...some kind of "fix." Maybe if I set the camera for it's highest resolution it would help.

disa said...


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