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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recent Dreams

Sunday, 3/23/08; I was at work. My female coworker & I convinced our boss to take the day off & take us all to an amusement park. To our further delight, she said she’d pay. I went to the back room to get changed. I had a hard time finding a t-shirt, but eventually found my Celtic Tree shirt. At the amusement park, a lot of people were lined up to go on a ride that went through various animal paddocks. We skipped it, due to the long lines. Later we came upon some people broadcasting the news from within the park. As we left that area I looked up to see a camel coming toward me very quickly. I managed to get out of the way. Shortly afterwards, the same thing happened to my boss. We walked past the alpine sled ride, which my boss was too afraid to go on.

The ride through the animal paddocks & the camels are certainly a bleed through from our recent visit to Global Wildlife Center.
The alpine sled ride (which I can't remember the actual name of,) & the news broadcast are certainly from lost, miserable summers working at fairs throughout NY state for Mom & her boyfriend.
Charles bought me a really cool Celtic tree t-shirt some years ago at the local Renaissance Festival, which may also point to the "old days" working at the fairs.

Monday, 3/24/08; I was looking for something to wear. I came upon 2 bras. Someone else was there & I was embarrassed that they saw my bras. Later my old doctor found me & told me he’d been monitoring my blog & e-mails all this time. I realized that meant he knew of my displeasure with him, but he seemed not to take it personally or hold it against me.

Like in yesterday's dream, I'm looking for something to wear. Clothing can represent so much, from modesty & protection (covering one's nakedness,) to self-expression &/or disguise. That I'm embarrassed at someone seeing my bras tends to make me think it had more to do with the former, of course.
As for my old doctor, he had his good points & bad points, like anyone. I just have very little faith in any doctors anymore. After all, their business is illness & too many of them are in the pockets of major pharmaceutical companies. If they actually made people well, they'd be out of work. Welcome to 1984. <:(

Last night's dream; I was at work at a very large library. A patron's library card was in my pocket. I had to do something with it, but I was busy. He eventually confronted me about it. I apologized, did what I had to do & gave it back to him. Later I was riding bicycles with a couple of guys through a country area I used to live in. We rode by an old business I was familiar with. I turned to look at it & realized it had changed hands. It was something else now, which made me somewhat sad. A small building on the property was lifted off of the ground by ropes. I followed them with my eyes--they went up & over a tree branch, attaching to a large sign for the new business (for which the building was acting as a counterweight.) We saw a couple of large spiders on the ground. Soon after we reached our destination, where we saw an enormous spider (tarantula sized, at least,) or possibly 2 together on a tree. I was kind of freaked out about them, but glad they weren’t on the ground with us, anyway. Yet later I was bee keeping. I had my full suit on & was checking my hive, which was in a tree. The bees seemed sluggish at best, although the branch dripped with honey. I was worried for the bees, but then I realized that some of them were “coming to” & flying around me. I remembered my bee allergy & decided to leave the area before they got agitated by my presence.

The sluggish bees probably stem from my concerns about CCD.
Ironically, years ago I spent two days taking tests to determine my best job. I really looked forward to the results, as I'd always had a hard time picking something myself. The verdict finally came back; Apiarist. Unfortunately the test didn't determine what one's next best job was, so the entire process was a disappointment & a waste of time.
I'm also allergic to spider bites (& many other insects,) unfortunately, so it seems there's much danger for me toward the end of this dream. (Even now I'm still healing from 2 fire ant bites I rec'd over a year ago.)
Ironically, late this evening some kind of bug bit my shoulder, raising a huge welt. The next day a wasp flew into my open car window & practically landed on my face, nearly causing me to put the car in a ditch.


The picture is of a dove challenging one of our red-bellied woodpeckers (regardless of the numerous, unused stumplets full of seed nearby.) I've seen them pull this repeatedly, but the woodpecker always wins. Easily.


Miladysa said...

Fire ant bites sound very painful!

I love the way that little red-bellied woodpecker is staring at the dove :-D

Lana Gramlich said...

Miladysa; Fire ant bites aren't unbearable if it's just a couple, but when they swarm you, it can be very bad. And the bites get so ITCHY after a little while! I was swarmed when I got my two bites last year--I looked down & realized they were all over my sweatpants. You never saw someone pulling off their sweatpants as they run through the woods so fast in your life! <:\
The woodpecker's right on the verge of pecking at the dove there. Doves just can't compete with that, regardless of their posturing. *L*

Charles Gramlich said...

Fire ants are definitely not our friends. I'm glad you're not allergic to me.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; I'm glad you don't bite! *LOL*

Travis said...

Just the thought of having ants swarm over me is enough to give me the heebies.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; I take evil delight in destroying every fire ant nest I see (& getting well away before they can swarm me.) They REALLY hate it when you pour boiling water through their hills. Repeatedly. Until they finally carry their few, surviving bodies elsewhere. Mwa ha ha!

Chris said...

You weren't kidding about your feisty doves! Where's the peace? ants! How horrible!

Ello said...

Nice picture! Oh and my daughter is allergic to spider bites too! She got a bite on her arm and the whole arm swole up to three times its size. It was quite scary!

Lana Gramlich said...

Chris; We have hell doves. They aren't interested in "peace." *L* Yes, fire ants totally suck.

Ello; Thank you!
Scary & damned uncomfortable, at best. My sympathies for your daughter (which one is it?)

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