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Saturday, April 5, 2008

LND; OCD & George Clooney

Something about a waterfall. Later I was on the phone with a female friend. I told her I was going to eat something. She had some kind of OCD about it, however, & freaked out, giving me heck for even mentioning it to her. As a result I assured her I was going to eat something else. I got a couple small pieces of cake & a third thing. As I was trying to calm her down, I looked toward a plant I had on a stand nearby. It was in front of a window, just on the other side of a burgundy colored wall. It started to move downward, then picked up speed. I yelled to whoever was on the other side of the wall that they were knocking over my plant. There was no response, so I got off the phone & went to intervene. George Clooney was on the other side of the wall, picking my plant up. He asked me who was on the phone. I told him & he seemed somewhat upset, as though I were cheating on him or something. I assured him that I wasn’t.

Virtually everything here is related to "real" life;
1. Last night I was visualizing the waterfall layout in the painting I'm working on.
2. I recently spoke to a female friend on the phone.
3. A friend's OCD came up yesterday.
4. Small pieces of cake are regularly available at work (one of our patron's is a wonderful baker & brings us treats every week.) I also threw a couple of old pieces of cake out for the birds yesterday.
5. George Clooney was on "The Daily Show" the other night.
Of course, George & I don't have any relationship in "real" life & I'm not cheating on anyone or anything (nor do I intend to,) so he certainly represents some other part of my Self here. Part that's "putting on an act," possibly...
Although I used to have plants on stands, they've since been transplanted into pots that don't fit in the stands, so I don't use them anymore. Besides that, last month I bought fertilizer for my houseplants & for our ligustrum bushes, outside. The houseplants are responding admirably, at least.
I seem to be trying to reassure others in this dream; trying to calm my OCD friend down & speaking with George. I'm trying to keep the peace, to make others happy.
The picture is of one of "our" beloved brown-headed nuthatches. The birdhouse on the tree in the background is too low & close to the feeding area for actual use. Considering the raccoons & opossums (& foxes, when we first moved in,) that frequent the area, I don't really encourage birds to nest around our house. We're in the middle of a large forest, so there are numerous, safer places to be. Regardless, I'm delighted that the nuthatches decided to nest along our driveway. They're still active there & I look forward to seeing their offspring.


Travis said...

My Lady would say that any dream with George Clooney in it is a good dream.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; No, no...Any dream with Charles Gramlich in it is a good dream. BTW, did you notice I had CAKE? ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like when our nuthatches peek out their front door when we are going in and out of "our" front door.

Marvin said...

Cool nuthatch. Very cool that you're out driving your camera. Love the macros in previous posts. Of course, I'm biased, that's my favorite kind of photography.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; I love that, too. I always look for them...

Marvin; Thank you. Macro photography's so much fun! There are so many interesting things that seem so easily overlooked.

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