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Friday, April 4, 2008

LND; Painting & LA History

I was working on a painting that had a yellow & black background. At the same time I was watching a TV show about Louisiana history. It seemed that Louisiana’s stance on slavery was the main reason for the Civil War. The painting was coming out pretty cool.

I started a new painting while watching TV last night (although the painting wasn't yellow & black & the TV show wasn't about Louisiana history.)
Pictured here; a pine warbler, occasional visitor to our feeding area.


Middle Ditch said...

A lady of many talents. Why not post those paintings? Would love to see them.

Is it ok to add you to my links? It will make sure that I don't forget you.

Lana Gramlich said...

Middle Ditch; I do post my paintings when they're done, typically. I only just started this one last night. Click the "my art" label listed on my sidebar (to the right,) to view some of my work.
Feel free to add me to your links. I will be glad to reciprocate. :)

avery said...

I wish I could paint. I'd like the Architect to show me some of the basics, someday.

I just squeaked in another vote for your story. I'm glad I dropped by today, or I would've missed the final round! Good luck.

Dave Coulter said...

Nice warbler. I can't wait until the migrants visit here!

Travis said...

Two things I would like to learn how to do...paint and play piano.

Donnetta Lee said...

Yellow and black and slavery...painting coming out pretty cool. Themes of color and a coming around of harmony. Possible dream themes?

Lana Gramlich said...

Avery; Thanks for the vote! Although I was going strong through the whole competition, at present I'm in serious sight of losing this thing...
(Painting's not as hard as you think. ;)

Dave; All of our migrants left a while ago now (although we do still have a few stray chipping & white throated sparrows that may actually have decided to stay year-round.)

Travis; Painting is much easier than playing piano, I'm sure. Both are cool, though.

Donnetta; I have to take some time & look back over dreams of the past week (or so,) to get proper context. Yellow & black have been a repeated theme in the past, usually pointing in directions I don't want to look. I think, in general terms off the top of my head, that the painting is representative of my subconscious expressing itself. The yellow & black being the colors involved indicate that whatever they represent are closely linked. I'll have to take a longer look at the recent series, though, before I'll commit to anything.

Charles Gramlich said...

Purty bird.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Not as purdy as you.

Billy said...

Don't know how you can paint while watching the tube. I'm not a multitasker. So what was the show last night. Fess up. Bloggers are nosy ROFL.

Lana Gramlich said...

Billy; It was Thursday night, actually & it was a few episodes of "The Office" in a row.
I guess I can paint while watching TV because I already have the completed image in mind when I begin (usually.) In that sense, its more physical labor (putting paintbrush to canvas,) than mental (like your writing.) Sometimes I need to let paint dry in between layers, too. As that only takes a couple of minutes, there's not enough time to really get into anything besides a short pause to watch the tube.

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