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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recent Dreams & Macros

Wed., 4/23/08; A bunch of monk parakeets were flying around. Later I was at work, where I often helped a black woman & her children. At one point she pulled me aside to speak with me. In her thick, exotic accent she told me that she’s from Scotland (although her accent wasn't European.) She seemed to take offense at the fact that I’d showed her kids a toy gorilla. I didn’t see the correlation & tried to explain where she’d misunderstood me. Although firm, she was not unkind. We were able to sort out the problem. Then I left to go meet my brother down the street, as I often did. It was nighttime. I stopped in a parking lot not far from work, wondering if I should go back & call him, thinking he might not be at the usual meeting place (for some reason.) I decided against it & continued down the road. I met up with my brother & started asking him about all of us perhaps meeting up halfway between our homes. He wouldn’t even let me say “Panama City” before he started laughing & declining the idea. I got very frustrated, as he wasn’t letting me finish what I had to say. Soon I went to speak to his wife about it, since he wouldn’t listen.

Thurs., 4/24/08; I was going to be late for school. Charles said I didn’t have to go, so I didn’t. I felt a little guilty about it, then realized it really didn’t matter. Then there was something about Nip/Tuck plots happening in "real" life. One included a woman finding a shortcut to Long Island through the back room of a grocery store. Later one of the doors in the shortcut was half-sized. Another plot included people on a ferris wheel with large, rectangular cars. Everyone was supposed to clean their car’s floor, but only those who were 2 to a car did. Another plot involved people starting a new civilization elsewhere. Car racing was involved. After some discussion & before any races, it was decided (through Christian’s urging,) that the woman should be allowed to win the races, as she was best suited to it.

Fri., 4/25/08; I was in the huge bathroom on a cruise ship. Later James Bond was getting married. He & his family were training his fiancé how to fight & be extra safe. A large, round mirror (with a black & dark brown sun-style frame,) went missing from one wall. Then a villain had stolen something of Bond’s or had kidnapped him, outright. He was making an android copy of Bond in a few different stages. One stage involved the early robot going down the yard (on a sunny day,) to pay for a pizza delivery. The villain & some others watched him, pleased with their progress.

Sat., 4/26/08; My work manager asked me to go take pictures with a professional photographer. I was excited by the prospect & told him I was honored to be able to work with him. He was a bit haughty, but not overly so. Later I was inside with D.D. A few others were there. Books for sale were on tables, including “Ring of Gold,” by B.G. Someone in “the industry” said it had all the makings of a #1 bestseller. D.D. wanted a trilogy I’d seen earlier, so I went & got it for him. I put it on a table near a back corner & went to browse more books. I realized that a young man (college aged,) had gone to our books & was taking one of the trilogy. I went back over & took it from his hands, explaining that I was buying those. Although he seemed a bit miffed, I didn’t give him time to argue. Soon J.G. joined us. He had B.G.’s book in his hands. He didn’t expect it to be very good, but he’d give it a try.
All of the (macro) pictures are of plants in our yard. The sun-like flower is orange milkwort & Dave at osage + orange has notified me that the strange pods in the last picture are some kind of sedge.


Anonymous said...

what great photos - i love the corvid shots too

[i found you on blog catalog]

Dave Coulter said...

Those weird (green)pods might be sedges? Do they have triangular stems? :)

mon@rch said...

Interesting for sure and love your macro shots!

Lana Gramlich said...

Anonymous; Thanks!

Dave; I believe you're right. I just went out to check & the definitely have triangular stems. Thanks for the info!

Mon@rch; Thanks. It's surprising what you find in your yard if you just take a good look!

Michelle's Spell said...

Love the close-up! Beautiful shade of green. It's one of those things that is so pretty that it seems unreal, but of course, that's the way of nature. These shots would make a great book, I think.

Erik Donald France said...

Great photos and dreamscapes. James Bond did get married, but his Contessa didn't last long (sadly).

Quaker Parrots . . . strange but beautiful . . .

Steve Malley said...

Your dreams are fun and exciting. Last night, I dreamed Mike Ditka wanted a photo-realistic tattoo of the 1985 Chicago Bears lineup.

Really, I dream much better awake...

Travis said...

A short cut to Long Island in a grocery store? I couldn't even make a guess what that might stand for, unless you had recently watched Being John Malkovich.

Crayons said...

Hi Lana,
I really like these nature photos. My poor elderly eyes get kind of flickery with the golden type on black, but I'll trust that you had some interesting dreams.

Thank you so much for your comments about B*sh and the book program.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool macros. I loved being out there while you were taking these.

Lana Gramlich said...

Michelle; Thanks!

Erik; The parakeets were surely inspired by a recent post by Chicago Nature Lady. James Bond may have come from your recent post (although I notice a tendency to dream about secret agents now & again, generally speaking.)

Steve; *LOL!*

Travis; We watched that movie a while ago now. Considering I grew up on Long Island & am missing many memories from then (due to traumas,) I'm sure the shortcut was about accessing my lost past. It's a frightening prospect, really.

Caroline; Thanks for the kind comments on the photos. You're quite welcome for the comments on RIF & Pres. Bush. It seems nothing is "too low" for that slimeball. I just can't WAIT until he's out of office!

Charles; I loved having you with me (as always,) particularly as I didn't even notice that orange flower! You have a good (& beautiful) eye. :)

disa said...


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