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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recent Dreams

Thurs., 4/10/08; I was at an animal shelter. Someone famous had been there. The woman who ran the place told us that the person had paid $76 to drop off their cat, & that bought them some privacy, too.

This may be partly influenced be recent news items about hospital staff (& others,) looking into famous peoples' files without need or authorization. It also certainly has to do with the fact that we almost ended up with a cat recently (although another home was found for it.)

Fri., 4/11/08; Capt. Kirk was madly in love with the woman who played T’Pau in the “Amok Time” episode (among others, although she is not that character here.) She loved him just as much, although their affection was elicit for some reason. Later I was watching a movie that was made as though from a camera strapped on a goose flying low over water. Then I was in the water. I waded back to the shore, where I walked right into the ground (it was up to my thighs.) Soon I managed to get back onto the land instead of in it. Someone on the shore had their beloved pet camel with them. Later I was online, trying to post a question. It posted early by mistake, so only part of the question appeared. By the time I posted the entire question, I saw that the partial post had numerous answers, most of which were about relationships/love. Then I was outside at a flea market of sorts, selling my art. I was putting extra copies of “Abita Pines After Rain” (pictured above,) out. A man looking at my work asked, “How much will fit in there before it pushes over the works in front of it? Why put so much out--doesn’t that make it easier for someone to steal?” Trying to explain why I’m doing it, I have difficulty finding the Abita Pines paintings. I show him a teddy bear light switch I’ve painted an antiqued blue, instead. The wall plate was solid, but the teddy bear on it was soft & pliant. Then I found the painting & told him it takes less than 10 minutes to do it. He started dancing me around, singing a song about my dad being a gum salesman. Looking up on a nearby building, I saw him on a billboard.

Ironically, the actress who played T'Pau was Celia "Lovsky." (I didn't find this out until after I had this dream.)
Selling art at a flea market is certainly inspired by a new market in our area that I've applied to (despite my natural hesitation, considering past experiences.) It's on the 19th & I'm still awaiting an answer from the "Art for Madisonville" people. The "Abita Pines After Rain" painting takes more than 10 minutes, of course.
My father was a lawyer (& later a judge.) Although he & mom were among the first pitchmen on TV, he never sold gum, to my knowledge.


Travis said...

The painting is wonderful.

Charles Gramlich said...

The pet thing, too, might be influenced by your recent checking into things about the adoption of Little Bit. You had called about costs of the shelter.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; Thank you!

Charles; Yes, I mentioned that.

Charles Gramlich said...

oops, my bad. I don't know how I missed that. Probably I was distracted by the need to chase off a squirrel or something.

yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Billy said...

That's a really great painting!!! And I remember T'Pau. Amok Time figured into later movies and ST series. My favorite "connection" was Kahn with Recardo Montalbahn reprisng his role in the ST II. Moby Dick in Space--obsession--and a careful viewer will note that the abandoned Kahn has a copy of the novel on his shelf in the cargo container Kirk left him in. Okay, I'm a geek.

Erik Donald France said...

Yes, the painting is wonderful. So, privacy room for cats? Grand idea, and funny, too.

I remember as a kid having a crush on Yeoman Rand. She and Kirk *almost* got something going, but "professionalism" (or claustrophobia) held them in check.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; S'all good. ;)

Billy; Thanks. Yes, I agree about Kahn. STII was the best movie! I hadn't seen the book in the cargo container, so I guess you're a bigger geek than I (although I do have the episode guide & technical manuals. *LOL*)

Erik; Thanks! It wasn't that the cat got a privacy room, but the identity of whoever dropped it off was going to be withheld from us.
I think it was Grace Lee Whitney's real life alcoholism that kept that relationship from going anywhere, myself. <:\

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