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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recent Dreams

Tues., 4/15/08; I was sitting with Charles near a line of trees on the front edge of our property (different than in "real" life,) considering installing a small in-ground pool in the front yard. Later I went to the grocery store, where Blue Bell ice cream was on sale for $2/gal. I bought one chocolate & one mint chocolate chip. When I got home I remembered I was out of chocolate syrup. I asked mom to go to the store for some, but then remembered that we had a can of Hershey’s in addition to 2 squeeze bottles (one chocolate syrup, one strawberry.) Later I was outside. 3 luminous, friendly, soft pink beings were hovering around the area. One of them told me how to get a hold of it if I need it. Then mom, I & other people are all going to go somewhere. The woman driving is fond of Ford vehicles. I went out ahead of everyone else, but couldn’t find her car in the parking lot. Then, when I’m across the lot from it, I spot a Ford Tempo & realize that’s the one.

Saying I'm not a Ford fan may be the understatement of the year.

Wed., 4/16/08; I was with Charles at a party or gathering. People were having fun. Soon I decided to get my archery stuff out of my knapsack. Evidently people thought that was rude of me & started leaving the area. I felt badly.

I've had straight longbows in the past & actually used to be a pretty good shot. The more important theme here, however, is that of social rejection.

The top picture is an "artsy" shot of a crow flying in our backyard. Under that's 2 bees on clover & the last one's of a raccoon pilfering birdseed this evening.
All efforts to upload any video through Blogger have proved a frustrating waste of time, so I've redirected my efforts toward YouTube. The 7-second video above was taken just a few minutes prior to the photo above it.


Travis said...

As a Ford guy, I'll forgive you.


Chris said...

Nice in flight picture and your rascal raccoon! Social rejection sucks but mint chocolate chip ice cream makes up for it!

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; A Ford guy, eh? My sympathies. (KDN ;)

Chris; Thanks. I guess I can always call on my friendly, luminous, soft pink being if the social rejection gets to me. *LOL*

Charles Gramlich said...

That luminous soft pink being was probably me fresh from a bath.

Monique said...

That was so funny. I'm reading all about those ice creams and what should go by? An ice cream van jingling a tune.

Middle Ditch thirteen: I Said, He Said is posted.

Travis Erwin said...

Next time my friends won't go home I'm inviting you and your longbow over.

Donnetta Lee said...

Any dream about chocolate has to be a good dream. Yum.

Three beings? Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? Were they eating chocolate?

Take care as always and have a chocolatey week.


Sandpiper said...

I've just been catching up on your most recent posts. I loved seeing the wrens and eggs. The sunset was beautiful, great shots of the bluejays and crows, too. The video of the rocky is so cute, as it the still picture of it.

I think your dream has accurately predicted that I'm about to dive into a bowl of ice cream! ;-)

Marvin said...

Cool shot of the raccoon.

I wish there were some ice cream in the house. I reckon I'll just have to wait on the ice cream truck to drive by -- or until it snows in July.

Julie said...

Interesting info about the longbow; get quite a few folk here who use the English longbow (takes some arm strength to pull it).

The rac video was ace - like to see our foxes do that.

I've not had problems with uploading video through blogger - as long as its under the minimum file size (and if you allow for the long upload wait and avoiding peak times) - but someone else mentioned they were having difficulty - in that case due to the file type used by their video camera.

Thanks for your comment on mine. No problems - but as a few people have been spammed from other blogs recently, (I was a while back) and I didn't have internet access while away to check, it was a toss up whether to close or moderate them so I didn't need to think about it!

Lisa said...

Heeheehee ~~ LOVE the raccoon video, Lana! :D
Awesome shots here as ususal! That dream with the ice cream is making me want ice cream now. :)

Avery said...

It took moving to the Eastern Shore of Maryland at age twenty-nine to actually see a raccoon that wasn't squished on the side of the road. Same thing for opossums--and foxes.

Sad commentary on where I lived, huh?

Britta Coleman said...

Blue bell on sale! What a terrific dream.

I have to say I think Pontiacs are worse than Fords.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Probably so. :)

Monique; Funny about the ice cream van! I'll try to get to your lastest bit soon--I'm so far behind on far too many things right now. <:(

Travis; Unfortunately I haven't had a bow since I lived in Canada, but I have been considering getting another one (now that we're out in the country.) I'll keep you posted. ;)

Donnetta; Sounds like you need some chocolate. *LOL*

Sandpiper; Thanks for the kind comments. I think I'll have some ice cream, too. :)

Marvin; I had to knock on the window to get the raccoon to look up like that. He was really going to town on the seeds! I'll have an ice cream cup in your honor--do you prefer chocolate or strawberry? Heck...I'll just have one of each. ;)

Julie; Gotcha on the spam/comments. My longbows were never more than 30lbs, so I had no problems drawing them. I don't think I could handle an English longbow. *L* I always have the same problem with videos & blogger; the video uploads just fine--I can even play it in "preview" mode, but when I go to the published, public page, it just comes up as a red "X." I'm just done trying to do video through blogger. YouTube works just fine.

Lisa; We laughed at that raccoon. That video was his 3rd foray at tilting the feeder--the one just before poured all of the seeds all over his face. It was hysterical. That's when I remembered; Hey, my digital camera does video!

Avery; Somewhat sad, yes, but at least you live in a better area now!

Britta; Personally I'm a sucker for Breyer's All Natural...almost any flavor, but chocolate, in particular.
Oh yes, Pontiacs suck, too. I've had cars from all of the domestic "Big 3" & I have to say, the best ones I've ever had were my last 2; a '94 Intrepid (Dodge in the US, Chrysler in Canada,) & my current 2002 Dodge Stratus. Yes, I've had to replace both of the transmissions, but typically that's ALL I have to replace. Although the Intrepid was flooded during Hurricane Katrina, it still started when we got home 3 months later. It still rode like a cloud & ran like a dream. Too bad it smelled like a toxic sewer.
I've never had an import, but I'm sure they're probably even better than my beloved Dodge/Chryslers.

Michelle's Spell said...

I could really go for some Bluebell ice cream right now -- one of the main things I miss about the south!

Lana Gramlich said...

Michelle; You'll just have to come down some time for a visit. :)

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

So THAT'S the guilty party, huh?

Lana Gramlich said...

Zen; These days that's one of at least 2 guilty parties, yes (although the feeder I've had problems with isn't in the picture or the video.) The baffle works against the squirrels, as it was designed to, at any rate. En masse, the squirrels would be a bigger detriment to that feeder than the raccoons have been.

Lana Gramlich said...

Zen; Actually, one of possibly 3 or more guilty parties, now that I think about it...

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

And mating season is in full swing! 3...4....5...yikes!!!

Lana Gramlich said...

Zen; We're okay, so long as we bring in the sunflower feeder every night. Besides, baby raccoons are sooooooooo cute (& they will move on, as did the last brood.)

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