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Saturday, May 31, 2008

And the Winners Are...

The winners of my recent contest are;
Travis Erwin


Please e-mail your addresses to & I'll get your prizes out in the mail ASAP. Congratulations & use them in good health!


Travis Erwin said...

Sweet. Thanks I look forward to whatever birding book you choose for me. Now I have to ponder how to pay it forward.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lana,

Thanks so much! I never win anything! This is very cool. Will forward address. I think I know how I'm going to pay it forward. Great contest!

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah for the winners.

laughingwolf said...

way cool, thx lana... i also won a book from fantasy author, kirsten saell, today! now, if only the lottery makes it 'three in a row' ;) lol

Lana Gramlich said...

Congratulations to everyone! :)

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