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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quick Pix

From today's hike at the Flatwoods;
Barred owl (due to the distance & a lack of any kind of scoping lens, this was the best I could get.) Kudos to Charles for pointing it out to us. He rocks.
2 pictures of an orchard oriole. Thanks to Birdfreak & an anonymous commenter for the ID!

Parrot pitcher plant flowers. We also saw some sundews today.
Charles finally got a better picture of the rose-breasted grosbeak that's been coming around. His wife has arrived, too, but we don't have a picture of her yet;
From Insta-Gator Ranch;
My friend & I holding one pissed off alligator.
A caiman face, up close & personal.
A young Nile crocodile (left) & a baby American alligator.
My friend & I are having a great time. We've scheduled a swamp tour (for all 3 of us,) this coming Saturday.


Donnetta Lee said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual, Lana. Oooo, the alligators. When hubby and I bicycle around the golf course in Florida, we've seen an alligator a couple of times. I tell him, "Keep on peddling!"

Shauna Roberts said...

Nice pictures of your birds. Your pictures from Insta-Gators made me homesick. That was a fun place to take visitors.

Lana Gramlich said...

Donnetta; Thanks. I learned a lot about alligators that day. It was really cool. Fortunately we don't tend to stumble upon any in our everyday life, though!

Shauna; Thank you. Insta-Gator's probably about 5 miles from our house, actually. It took us 2 years, but we've finally checked it out. Tres cool!

Lisa said...

That owl is unbelievable! For some reason I have a thing for owls.

You guys were pretty brave to touch those non-mammally things though ;)

T.R. said...

I hope someone can id that yellow bird - a mystery for sure. I don't know how you got so close to that owl. A great post -- lots to see.

Travis Erwin said...

I like the owl shot and I'm no help with the bird, but guess what?

Last night I had a dream that I drove down to see you and Charles. In my dream y'all had these giant swings in your backyard that hung a good ten or fifteen feet from the ground. While we were sitting there singing we saw lizards of crazy shapes and colors, earthworms a good two foot long and Caribou in your back yard.

After we swung awhile, me and Charles butchered some rabbits which you then fried and I drove home with a full belly.

Crazy huh?

Charles Gramlich said...

That owl was certainly very cool. And the gators.

Travis Erwin, picture that as butchering some squirrels and you might be on to something. So far no caribou yet, but we have planned on putting up a hammock, which might substitute for the swings so come on down.

Ello said...

Awesome pics Lana! I am so jealous! I want to hold a croc! Ok the babies look pretty cute. Are they like lamb? Do they taste better young? ;o)

Erik Donald France said...

Between the Barred Owl in daylight and the gators, it's a little on the spooky side!

Later, gat'

laughingwolf said...

try this site?

great pics of the gators/crocs and other critters :)

canuckistanians go home yet? ;) lol

Michelle's Spell said...

Damn, Lana -- you are the bravest person I know! I would have been terrified. I love the picture of you and your friend -- it's really beautiful and dramatic. And the other pictures are great as well. The owl scares me more than the gators for some reason.

Sandpiper said...

Wonderful pictures! Great shot of the owl! I love the baby alligator and croc. It sounds like a fantastic day! As for your mystery bird, if you go to my blog and look at the picture at the top right, do you think that might be your bird? It kind of looks like it could be.

Dave Coulter said...

NICE owl! :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Lisa; I love owls, too. All raptors, really, but owls seem extra elusive. I was surprised at how soft the alligator was, particularly his belly & sides.

T.R.; Thanks. We just kind of stumbled upon the owl along a boardwalk. Then he turned around on the branch to face us (when I got the picture,) then he was gone on silent wings. It was a great experience.
My (recently sporadic) posts are likely to be a little of everything right now, while I have company over. Enjoy!

Travis; Wow--that's a good one! At least it tended toward the positive as opposed to the negative. A bit too warm for caribou, though, I think! ;)

Charles; The owl wasn't as cool as YOU, of course.

Ello; Thank you. :) Holding the gator was really awesome. I don't know about the young meat thing, but I hope so. We had some gator tail meat not long ago & it just wasn't my cup of tea...

Erik; Evidently it's not unusual for barred owls to be out sitting conspicuously on branches like this in broad daylight, to my complete delight!

Laughingwolf; Thanks. I already tried that site (in various ways,) unfortunately & still no luck. My friend's still here ('til Thurs. or so.)

Michelle; Had the gator's mouth NOT been secured with electrical tape, I would have been terrified, too!

Sandpiper; Thank you. No, that wasn't our mystery bird. Not only was the mystery bird mostly yellow with a black face & throat, it was the size of a mockingbird (at least 2x as large as the yellowthroat on your page.) Thanks for trying, though!

Dave; Thanks. I give total props to Charles for spotting it, to begin with!

david mcmahon said...

Great variety, Lana, and congratulations to Charles for spotting the owl.

Love the ``gator aid'' shot too!!

Sorry I've been AWOL - blame it on the new job!!

laughingwolf said...

hope you find out what that bird is, lana... i wanna know, too :)

Travis said...

I love that owl. But the gators are a little skeery.

Miladysa said...

I adore owls! We have a couple of Tawny Owls in our garden.

I confess that when I first saw the Barred Owl my first thought was that it was a photograph of a monkey :-D Things certainly are a lot bigger over that side of the pond :-D

Lana Gramlich said...

David; Thanks. NP on AWOL--I'm much the same right now with company in from out of town. I'll stop by for a visit again as soon as I can.

Laughingwolf; So far it's an intriguing puzzle, to say the least.

Travis; Gators aren't SO skeery when their teeny or their mouths are taped shut. Beyond that, I agree almost completely!

Miladysa; I love owls, too. We'd heard some out in that area before, but this is the first one I've seen since we moved out here. Not many monkeys out here in the swamps. *L*

Lisa said...

You are a brave woman holding an alligator ~ I can't picture myself doing that, but you and your friend look quite confident. :)
AWESOME pictures, Lana!!

liz said...

Great pictures, Lana! I especially like the baby croc and alligator.
..very cool!

Mark said...

Your photos are cool. Nice and great work!!!

Lana Gramlich said...

Lisa; Thanks. :) Fortunately they let the alligator expend most of its energy before they put it in your hands. They're also not as aggressive as they're made out to be, evidently.

Liz; Thank you. Baby animals of all kinds are just adorable, reptilians included!

Mark; Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to leave your kind comment. :)

Chris said...

I love the barred owl! Hoot! Hoot! Good eye to Charles for spotting it!
You were really brave for holding the gator, I'm still afraid!
The dreadlocks are beautiful too, I don't know if that's you or your friend but I like it!

Birdfreak said...

I think the unidentified bird is an oriole. Looks like a female Baltimore but could be an Orchard. That's where I'd look in the book.


Lana Gramlich said...

Birdfreak; Thanks so much for the tip! I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

The yellow bird with a black face is a young male orchard oriole.

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks, Birdfreak & Anonymous!

Larry said...

I love the Barred Owl photo.I know how hard it is to get one in good lighting.I had a photo of one last year that was very similar to yours and was happy to get it.Next time I'm going to try video instead.

Natural said...

you are one brave soul. no way would i be that close to that alligator. the baby ones are kind of cute though.

Lana Gramlich said...

Larry; Yes, I'm glad I got at least SOME kind of reasonable shot of the owl, at least. He didn't stick around long after we spotted him.

NW; There really wasn't much he could do to us with his mouth taped shut. The baby ones were adorable, though. During August at the ranch you can hold an egg as it hatches.

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Great find on the owl you guys.

Lana Gramlich said...

Zen; I was so pleased to see it, too! We'd often heard them, but they're so quiet it's harder to see them, y'know?

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