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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10 Year Meme

Steve Malley tagged me for this meme.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Enjoying my life for the first time in my life, after having left my ex of 10 1/2 years. Lots of travel, adventure, new friends & magical experiences. I went to NYC for the first time in 13 years & to Florida (where I saw a live shuttle launch,) for the 1st time in 26. I lost 40 lbs. I inherited my beloved Dodge Intrepid (see photo,) & $4000 (as mom's primary caregiver--a result of a lawsuit.) I also took mom's cat (who had cancer,) into my home, as she wasn't a "cat person," he & I were great friends & I couldn't just let him die alone, out in the cold.

Five things on your to-do list for today;
1. See that the "Friends of the Park" get the panel I painted (see yesterday's post.)
2. Record last night's dream(s.)
3. Call the car shop & see if the part for my A/C repair is in yet.
4. Work, 2-6pm.
5. Choose 2 paintings to display/sell at the Lacombe Crab Cook-Off Festival this weekend. (Note; This one's rolling over into "things to do by Friday morning" & may morph into further things, like getting a frame or two, depending on the paintings I choose.)

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
This is almost impossible to answer, as I can hardly imagine what that kind of money is like. Among ideas I'm entertaining are;
1. Book a trip to the moon, one way or another.
2. Procure a large, wooded chunk of south-facing lakefront land & build a modest home on it.
3. Put $2 million away for my nephews.
4. Help friends w/their debts.
5. Start my own art gallery.
6. Do something charitable regarding nature conservation.

What are three of your bad habits?
1. Too often impatient.
2. I don't exercise enough.
3. I can curse like a sailor.

What are some snacks you enjoy?
1. Popcorn.
2. Ice cream.
3. Chocolate anything (but not often.)
4. Fruit cups.

What were the last five books you read?
1. "How to Survive & Prosper as an Artist" by Caroll Michels
2. "Selling Art Without Galleries" by Daniel Grant
3. "The Mysteries of Druidry" by Brendan Cathbad Myers
4. "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy
5. "Interpreting Your Dreams" by W. Lindsay Jacob, M.D.

What are five jobs you have had?
1. Public contract security (which involved just about every other job you can imagine.)
2. Computer parts buyer.
3. Carny.
4. Payroll/Accts Receivable Clerk.
5. Magazine proofreading & layout.

What are five places where you have lived?
1. Woodbury, New York, USA.
2. Austin, Texas, USA.
3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
4. Metairie, Louisiana, USA.
5. Abita Springs, Louisiana, USA.

I'm not one for tagging, but feel free to participate, if you'd like!


Lisa said...

Hooray, I love to be the first to comment. And you have led a very interesting life (what's that Chinese proverb about interesting times?)

Of all things, I'm zeroed right into your past job as a carny.

I am sure I will not be the only one who wants to hear more about that!

Steve Malley said...

Ooh, Moon trip, moon trip! I want to change my billionaire answer now!

And I too curse like a sailor with Tourette's, but I sort of figured it was a virtue. Or at least, lovable quirk...

Thanks for playing!

laughingwolf said...

holy crap, lana... i'm a welland boy!

spent tons of time in the port! ;) lol

Charles Gramlich said...

The main thing is you're living in Abita Springs now. All that's past is prologue.

Lana Gramlich said...

Lisa; The carny thing wasn't a good experience, unfortunately. I was being used as free child labor by mom's mafia boyfriend who ran various booths as a cover for his gun running. The fairs I worked at were all in New York--18 hour days every summer (from the day school let out 'til the morning it started again,) between the ages of 14-17. Sometimes I had to sleep in the car (while everyone else slept in the motorhome.) I learned a lot of bad things the hard way those years...

Steve; A loveable quirk, eh? I'll run with that ball. ;)

Laughingwolf; No way! I had a hellish apartment in Welland very briefly...On Steel St., across from the plant, over by the Blue Star. Gads, it sucked. I lived in & around Port for about 18 years, all told. When did you leave the area?

Charles; Exactly. Finally life is just purrrrrrrrrrfect. :)

laughingwolf said...

way... we lived on lyons ave, for the longest time, eventually dad/mom ended up on dufferin, just off the old canal... then dad moved in with sis, in st. catharines, after mom died

grad from welland high and vocational school, newly named later

i recall steel street, and you're right, bad area

i moved to alberta in the late 70s

Lisa said...

Ya know, I've never yet heard a carny story that's full of fondness or nostalgia. Well, like Charles said...

Lana Gramlich said...

Laughingwolf; were long gone by the time I moved there in '86, then. Still--what a small world!

Lisa; I was surprised to learn just how much mafia influence there is all over local & state fairs. I never would have imagined, but it's a perfect cover & it makes sense, really.
Yes, as Charles says; life is a total blessing now (& although the carny lessons were hard, they were good to learn young, in retrospect.)

laughingwolf said...

small world, indeed!

Sidney said...

Sounds like some good trips. It's hard for me to believe 10 years ago was 1998. Ten years ago ought to be 1988 or so. Wow.

Michelle's Spell said...

I love the trip to the moon idea --that would be cool. And very sweet about helping friends pay off their debts. The whole in over your head society we have going is a nightmare! Love the picture, but you're even more beautiful now! Love must agree with you! :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Sidney; I know. I feel the same way! "Time flies" is a cliche because it's true...

Michelle; Yes, I would go to the moon first thing. I'd like to bring others, too, if it were possible. I figure I can't change the world, but I can change my little circle of influence & I know some people who could surely use the help. Love does agree with that I realize it's not supposed to hurt. <:\

Marvin said...

Hummmmmmm. What a boring life I've led.

Lana Gramlich said...

Marvin; Fret not. "Exciting" can be grossly overrated.

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