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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last Night's Dream

I was at some kind of museum event with other artists where alcoholic drinks were served. One of the guys who had a display had done an incredibly lifelike painting of a huge slab of reddish stone that he also jogged around. It was only about 2.5’ high, but probably spanned an acre or more. Some of us jogged with him for a while. 2 other young, new, female artists were given much attention. I was largely left out. Very few people were featured at the event & the older/more established the artists were, the rarer were their displays. One of the young women had designed a bridal ensemble. She was told she still needed to create a "pea bag" (purse) for the outfit. Another related side project involved large letters made of fabric. I was asked to create an "e" for this. I intended to do a printed, capital "E," but all of the other 3 letters were of a different style. I considered a cursive, lower case "e," but that would be too simplistic. I had a pen in my hand as I thought about it & one of the people running the event came over to ask me if I always drew out my plans in pen. I said "no," that I was just using the pen to sketch some ideas.

Insecurities about my own art have bled through here (regardless of the fact that I sold another painting at the Lacombe Crab Fest a couple of weeks ago.) Either that or I shouldn't watch "Design Star" before bed.
The picture is of a rat b@$t@rd & a brown thrasher (doing his thing in dead leaves last Winter.)


Charles Gramlich said...

I bet it's the design star. But I'm always amazed at your doubts about your art when it's so clearly fine work.

jccleofe said...

Hi Lana,
Your blog is featured yesterday and it is still here right now but I'm going to change it later. It's on the sidebar actually that says 'Today's Featured Blog'. The blog feast are just a special feature post because I couldn't keep up to feature them right away. I only feature one blog daily and then I put the links in my blogroll (under Linkiddos) the same day I feature it. If you haven't seen it then you should check it out on the sidebar right now. Thank you.

Middle Ditch said...

Wow, your memories of your dreams are just amazing! I usually wake up in a sweat and can only remember a fragment.

laughingwolf said...

love that rat bastard moniker, lana ;) lol

as for dreams: no nuttin about em, but like charles sez, you worry too much, yet sell... so quit the former :)

Steve Malley said...

Those little insecurities never leave, but you've got the right idea: work and sell and don't pay them too much heed.

Have a great day! said...

You're a wonderful artist, never feel insecure!
lol at everybody jogging for a while in your dream! I also love your squirrel tag name!!!

Erik Donald France said...

Certainly nothing to have doubts about, but most artists seem to have at last some.

As far as booze at museum/library events, it's usually not a bad idea -- at least for a limited window of time ;-> said...

One of the gallery goers in your dream so reminds me of Mark Rothko, who, as Tom Wolfe may have said, perpetrated a fraud upon the words and art of abstract impressionism.

Hey. One of the guys who had a display had done an incredibly lifelike painting of a huge slab of reddish stone that he also jogged around. It was only about 2.5’ high, but probably spanned an acre or more

Ah well. I am a poet on occasion ,and poets very often hear more than the band is playing rather than focusing on the stuff itself.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I have never met an artist that does not, at least on occasion, doubt their own work.

Remember that unless you saw the art elsewhere - it is the art of your own subconscious mind.... It confidently waits for you to embrace it!

Sidney said...

The way reality filters through into surreality is always interesting.

photonz said...


I'm not going to tell you to not be insecure about your art, just that I suspect it's totally normal and healthy. Most artists probably allow sales to influence their sense of security with their art too much (positive or negative). Just make sure you like it.

Paul Grecian

Barbara Martin said...

What you dream often has meanings not attributed to your waking life. Because you are an artist awake, the activities in the dream connected to creative work has no bearing on what you do when awake. I am quite keen on dream interpretation and use meanings delved from the ancient oracles.

Bear with me while I omit your creative side in your waking state, and consider the following meanings:

MUSEUM - unanticipated good luck through a social contact is likely to follow a dream of seeing, or going through, a museum of any kind.

PEN - signifies news from a distance.

DRAWINGS - predict minor changes.

I would say, Lana, that you may get another contract to do artwork based on the meanings above. You are very talented.

Natural said...

why the insecurities, your art looks good and you sold something.

i do have these dreams when something is on my mind, maybe that's what happened to you.

Lana Gramlich said...

All; I think the insecurity is more about the social aspect of the dream than my artistic ability, to be honest. I may be able to paint, but put me in a room full of people & I can easily turn into a Michael Scott type of character (if I'm lucky.)
Also, apologies for my lack of comment responses lately. I've just been keeping very busy with my art career, whether it be the creative side or the business side.

Charles; I think you're largely right, actually (about Design Star.) Besides that, you're a sweetie pie.

jccleofe; Thank you kindly!

middle ditch; I started the process almost 10 years ago with the intention of more interaction in the dream world, but my efforts toward that end have been halting, at best. I've got lucidity down pat, but exerting conscious influence wakes me up every time.

Erik; I don't really want to get too into using "liquid nerve" to help me get by on such occasions, but whatever works, y'know? *LOL*

Sidney; That's for sure!

Paul; You're right, of course. I've been doing a lot on the business side of things & I think that's partly where this dream came from. Need to paint some more...balance things out. ;)

Barbara; Thank you kindly! I appreciate your take on my dream (& I hope you're right. ;)

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