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Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 2nd Dream; Airport Problems

I was in England with D.D. & at least one other man. We came upon an apparently abandoned room. There were art supplies there & since I needed some, I took some. Soon we had to leave to catch our flight home, which included one layover. We got to the airport, where there was some problem with the first leg of our flight (which was on British Airways.) A female representative for the airline was trying to help us, but it appeared we were going to miss our connecting flight, regardless. We ended up stuck in the airport for quite a while. A couple of times I went down a darkened hallway that opened onto another room that was supposed to be off limits, but no one confronted me. Finally I went outside, where the other guy I was with stood near a cart full of someone else’s luggage. It slowly dawned on me that they were boarding our plane NOW & we hadn’t even checked our stuff yet! I told the man to hurry up & get our stuff together, but I think some of it wasn’t even in the airport, but in our car out in the parking lot. I doubted we were going to make it.

I seem to do a fair bit of traveling in my dreams, most often to Europe (& England, in particular.) When it comes to flights, though, I'm always pressed for time--about to miss my flight, can't find the gate, locked out of the area, etc., etc. If I'm at an airport to see someone else off everything's fine, if not downright leisurely--it's only when I have to fly that there's a problem.
Some say that this may indicate a sense of missed opportunity. Although I haven't missed many opportunities lately, I had been in a rush to meet some art-related deadlines (represented by the "art supplies,") around this time. I'd only heard about some of the art opportunities at the last minute & I think that's reflected clearly in this dream, with the long hours waiting in the airport (going nowhere, in a sense,) ending in a panicked rush to get our stuff together & on the plane (getting art mailings together & out in the mail.)
The sunset picture is from far away & long ago.

Speaking of which, the sunset picture I recently had in the finals of that online contest didn't win. Thanks to those who voted for me, anyway!

19 comments: said...


Seems that we have similar dreams, though mine involve futuristic-looking aoutomobiles and a stoppage somewhere by a border official.
Familiar territory, I suppose, for the Jungians.
Maybe, as somebody joked, we are forever Jung.

I guess you need to fly, as an artist and someone somewhere had clipped your wings somewhat.

Oh what do I know? I read Jung for style, since he's such an incredible writer--almost a dramatist, especially on his essay, Eon.
Still, the dreams have a similarity, and the aha! is clearly recognizable.
Jungs ancestral memory? Dunno.

Erik Donald France said...

This gets at dreams so well -- dreams are so . . . fascinating ans twisty turny visceral.

Hope you do get to Europa reasonably soon, and not have to worry about the details of coming and going. I'd go again in five seconds if somebody paid me to.

Charles Gramlich said...

I know you were a bit frustrated lately with trying to get some stuff in to meet deadlines. I'd guess that's where the sense of rush may have come from.

Miladysa said...

I hope you visit England for real some time in the future Lana and we have the opportunity to meet up :-D

laughingwolf said...

dang! sorry about that, lana

this is not as good, but come get your award from me....

Steve Malley said...

I often return to Paris in my dreams, but it's a Paris subtly at odds with the real city. The garden of crystal flowers being one example...

Barbara Martin said...

Lana, first off, stop by my blog.

Secondly, for your dream I think you will be going to England sometime in the future. The unpreparedness is likely a reminder for you to be packed when you do go. (This is not from dream oracles, but the paragraph following is).

foreign - to dream of a foreign place or country indicates that the realization of your heart's desire is closer than you imagine; persevere and have patience.

Luggage seen in a dream forecasts a long trip or voyage, probably abroad.

art supplies (art) - you can expect a step up in your business or profession if you saw or discussed art in your dream.
if you dreamt of artist's paint - this signifies important changes.

Lana Gramlich said...

ivan; *LOL @ "forever Jung."* Yes, sounds like we've had familiar dreams, indeed. I dreamed of a futuristic car just the other day, myself.

erik; I'm sure it'll work out SOMEday.

charles; Yes. The last-minutey preparation of both the real life & dream scenarios...

miladysa; That would be most awesome, of course!

laughingwolf; Thanks for the award. :) Shucks. *blush* You're too kind!

steve; I'm sure that's an interesting experience! Funny the little clues that point to the true nature of dreams...

barbara; That's twice I got that award in one day! How cool. *L* Thank you kindly. :) said...

Oh I hate dreams where I'm rushed or something I'm doing doesn't trying to dial 911, I can never dial that number in my dreams, I always hit the wrong number or can't get a dial tone!
How Frustrating!!!!
Have happy dreams more often or try to!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I dream of going to England often as well. Interesting!

Marvin said...

Congratulations on your awards. It's a bummer your photo didn't win, though. We tried.

laughingwolf said...

you are most deserving, lana :)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a great dream description. It would make a great scene in a story.

Hugs, JJ

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Lana,

Yes, hope you meet those deadlines. Four round my neck. Aaargh!

Lana Gramlich said...

chris; I wonder sometimes if my dreams of airport problems don't help inspire me to be extra early when I fly, actually. *L*

michelle; Yes...when I think of exotic places in my dreams, the countries of the British Isles (if not England, itself,) is probably #1.

marvin; Thanks for the congrats & for the contest votes. I appreciate the effort--can't win 'em all. ;)

laughingwolf; Thanks. :)

jj; Thank you!

danny; I'm mostly caught up now. Just waiting on responses. My sympathies for your own deadlines, however! Hang in there!

Theresa H. Hall said...

Seems as if you have exhausting dreams too. I am usually late for a performance and can never find my stage costumes. Or, I have a banquet to prepare for and something goes awry in the pastry kitchen.

At least you were in England, a place I would dearly love to reside. I hope we both win big in the lotto so we can make our dreams come true. Thanks for my HBD wishes!

Lana Gramlich said...

theresa; Anytime! Happy Bday & many, many more. :) I probably would've enjoyed being in England more if the entire dream didn't take place at the airport. *L*

Natural said...

i would say charles' explanation of your dream is accurate.

funny though how you saw paint in your dream, you need it so you took it.

Lana Gramlich said...

NW; (Blogger ate my comment!) Yes, that's what I'd thought--reality certainly influenced that dream. Around this time I think I also placed an online order for some art supplies, so go figure!

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