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Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Haunted" Reception

Had a good time at "The Haunted" reception tonight...

A young girl was very enthusiastic about my bottom painting here, "Inner Child." She told her mother it'd be great in her room. I agreed with her. (Unfortunately it didn't sell during this show, but the middle one did at an unrelated art market in Nov.)
Thanks to Charles for accompanying me to this opening & for being supportive of my art endeavors, in general.


Virtual Voyage said...

Glad you had a good evening and lovely picture - nice to see the finished art framed. said...

Nice art. Chick looks good too.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I'm sure the art exhibit was a great success--unlike the one not too long ago in Detroit, where the police attacked the patrons and impounded their cars. Why? Because alcohol had been served after 2 a.m. Those art patrons were later found not guilty of improper conduct. I'll bet the Berkeley Gallery & Studio doesn't have these types of problems.

Sidney said...

Looks like that was a fun event, and I like that painting too.

ChrisEldin said...

I LOVE the moon photo below!!!

And congratulations for all of your shows. In some (okay, many) I think that being an artist is harder than being a writer. At least with writing, there's "Edit." You can't really do that to a painting.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I am soaking up every minute.

And I just saw 187 on Aine's blog. That is too cool! I want to experiment on you, I hope you don't mind. :-)

laughingwolf said...

way to go, lana! did she buy it?

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought it went pretty well. I think that "inner child" painting really connects with young people. I like it much myself.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey lovely Lana,

I love the inner child painting. So cool that the little girl wanted it in her room! Such great pictures - - glad that you had fun.

Travis Erwin said...

Looks like a good time.

Rob said...

We'll have to get over and see that. Looks like fun.

Larry said...

Clever theme-I thought it was going to be a seminar on the supernatural.-It must be nice to have talent and be able to display your work at a gallery.-Congratulations.

Lana Gramlich said...

julie; Thanks. I consider framing part of the art process, really. The frames need to suit the works or they don't work as a whole, y'know?

ivan; Aw, shucks. *blush*

jr; Wow...That's nuts. We didn't have that kind of problem, but we did have the town looney show up & start begging & hugging everyone.

sidney; Thank you. I wanted to do something that was glaringly asymmetrical.

chris; Thanks! Which moon photo? I prefer the 2nd one, myself.
Another difference with writing is that even if someone's not overly impressed to begin with, they can opt to still give it a chance. With art it's all just right there--love it or leave it.
I have no idea who Aine is or what 187 is, nor does a Google search enlighten me, so perhaps the slightest hint is in order..?

laughingwolf; No, not that night, anyway. The show goes through until Halloween, though, so we'll see. I'm afraid the recession is pushing unnecessary purchases off of most peoples' radar these days, unfortunately.

charles; I think they can relate through the whole "teen angst" thing.

michelle; Yeah, it was a good time. I even allowed myself a few beers (rare, for me!)

travis; Yes, it was a lot of fun. It's all very informal & there are typically people of all ages, so there's an interesting mix.

rob; There's some really cool pieces there, if you get the chance. I'm wondering what the "Ghost Talk" thing is on Oct. 24th, myself...

larry; It's nice to have a close connection with the local gallery, for sure. They're great people & far more supportive of the artists they display than most I've encountered. Gotta love small towns. :)

ChrisEldin said...

Oh dear! Is there another Lana?
Now I will have to check....

Will get back to you, unless you're pulling my leg.
Because if you are, I will, um, um, pull yours too. hehhehe

Lana Gramlich said...

chris; I just figured out what you're talking about--apologies! I'm not a regular visitor to that blog (& I'm slightly reeling from today's rejections,) so I was kind of confused. Sure you can experiment on me...but let me recover a bit first. I'm a bit weak right now. <:(

ChrisEldin said...

All my experiments include cheesecake, since I remember a long time ago you mentioning you like it, and I absolutely LOVE it!

A multiple choice question:

My husband says to me (about an hour ago)

"Chris, let me take a look at you."

Is this referring to:
a) A beautiful dress he just bought for me
b) An especially nice hair day I'm having
c) My butt looking smaller
d) A fancy scale he just bought which measures not only weight, but body fat, water percentages and what kind of calories you should be ingesting and it should be obvious by now this is the correct answer, at least on paper, because when he's going to want to snuggle later I'm going to be remembering that scale. I think he took a stupid pill earlier...


Lana Gramlich said...

chris; *LOL* Yeah, he dun sound tu smart. You should approach him later w/an odd looking apparatus & tell him it measures brain activity, elasticity & effectiveness. ;)
Now let's go get some cheesecake. Scales & snuggling be damned!

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