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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mini Post-Gustav Update

Our power went out 8am Monday. It came back on at 8:15pm tonight (Thurs.) No trees fell on the house--it, Charles & I are all okay. We did end up with flooding, however (although, again, nothing got in the house.) There's been news that a tornado went through our town, but we didn't see it (or evidence of it.) I kept a video journal of our experiences that I'll upload in the next few days.
Right now I'm going to have three showers, drape myself over an A/C vent & sleep a full, non-sticky, non-unbearable night (the first in a while.)

Thanks for all of the well wishes--you guys & gals just flat out rock!


Travis said...

Glad to hear things didn't get too bad.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good thing we've got more than one vent.

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the update. Glad y'all escaped any trouble of a real serious nature.

laughingwolf said...

glad you're both safe, lana, if a bit stinky ;) lol

PJ said...

It's great to hear you came though with as little as you did. I know the, "Yay, we have electricity, I don't feel so yucky, now I can sleep!" feelilng.
Down here in the Panhandle we had tons of rain, tornadoes a couple of days ago, but no loss of electricity. A friend did have flooding and we had a lot of pecan branches down. So far, so good. Two down, the rest to go.

Miladysa said...

Great news that you are both safe and sound.

Looking forward to your video diary posts :-D

Steve Malley said...

Enjoy those hot baths!!

Crayons said...

Hi Lana,
I'm so glad you are safe. It must be terrifying to live in the line of fire like that.

I'm so sorry I've not commented lately. It has to do with two new jobs and a lack of Internet at home. I'm camped out at this cafe today, just trying to catch up with blogs.

Lana Gramlich said...

travis; No power for 4 days in the deep south in early September's bad enough, trust me. *L*

charles; Amen!

travis e; Yes, we were relieved, as well.

laughingwolf; It's just so nice to feel human again!

pj; At least Hanna's giving us both a pass. *whew*

miladysa; Thanks. Finally got the videos up. YouTube + our slow-@$$ satellite internet connection = 2 days to upload no more than 20 minutes worth of video.

steve; Hot baths...are you mad? We kept it nice & cooooooooool. ;)

caroline; Never worry about not commenting, hon. Everyone's got their own lives, y'know?
The "line of fire" isn't so terrifying, really. I mean we typically leave if things are looking bad. The storm, itself, was virtually nothing. It was the flood afterwards neither of us considered. We won't make THAT mistake again!

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