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Friday, February 6, 2009

Shout Out

One of my co-BlogCatalog-members, Norski, was kind enough to feature me in a post yesterday. According to his profile; "I'm a fifty-something married guy with four kids in a small central Minnesota town." (Click his name, above, for more info. Who he is & what he's doing can also be seen here.
He has a variety of blogs;
Another War-on-Terror Blog
Easy Griller
Loonfoot Falls Chronicle-Gazette
Small Town America: Minnesota
Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind
Through One Dad's Eye
A Catholic Citizen in America
Apathetic Lemming of the North
where I'm featured. Why "Apathetic Lemming of the North?) I haven't had time to visit them all yet, but I hope to get at least a few more of them in today. Easy Griller might be a good place to start, as BBQ-ing has never been my strong point.
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