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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Artwork & Weather (Updated)

On Saturday I'll be vending at the Abita Trailhead Marketplace, from 10a-4p. Due to last week's weather, this will be happening during th All Town Garage Sale, & the En Plein Air exhibit will also be occuring nearby. I'm not sure how that all bodes for me, as I'll be sandwiched between very cheap goods & high-end art. At least, however, I'm likely to have a strong turnout. I also currently have a couple of pieces on display at the STAA's members' gallery (although I'm not listed among their exhibiting artists, for some reason.) Their "Spring for Art" event is 6-9pm Sat. evening, which should also help expose my art to more eyes (although I may be too wiped out from the market to attend.)
Right now, however, our lovely, sunny day has gone suddenly & exceedingly dark & foreboding, with strong thunderstorms & tornadoes possible through dinnertime. Although I was hoping to attend tonight's Art for Madisonville meeting (which I haven't been able to attend for a while now, due to my work schedule, the weather may not let me.
(The image shown here is a bit of digital art I created from a thistle photo that came out too blurry to use for much else.)

Update; Due to a last minute health issue, I won't be able to attend the market or Spring for Art tomorrow.


dollslikeus said...

Like your artwork. I like your black back ground to it makes your colors stand out better I use black backgrounds with some of my artworks .

Doson said...

Great.. It's more like a spidey thing :D

earthtoholly said...

Before I saw your comment this reminded me of thistle...the same one that's the size of your fist?? Holy cow! I love the colors and effects though...very cool!

Scott said...


Nice art! Good luck this weekend!

Laurie Powers said...

Good luck at the event, Lana. You're right - you never know how an event will turn out. Sounds like you've got a full schedule, which is great!

Erik Donald France said...

Good luck! That's a cool digital image, to me sort of a cross between a green alien snowflake and something dilating under a microscope.

JafaBrit's Art said...

All the best with the market place, sounds like you have a busy busy weekend.
Hope the sunshine picks up.

Charles Gramlich said...

I hope we have a good weekend said...

how much of my work have I sold out the back of my van.
Hey, sometimes it succeds in getting you a ticket to somewhere!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Ahhh...very beautiful. Good luck this weekend! said...

Your digital art is cool! I hope you are OK with the sudden health problem. Get Well

Lana Gramlich said...

dollslikeus; Thanks for stopping by & taking time to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. :)

Skippy; At least I found a good use for a bad photo. ;)

Holly; Thanks. Yeah, fist-sized thistles around here. Really incredible!

Scott & Drowsey; Thank you!

Laurie Powers; Unfortunately physical issues got in the way this weekend, but I have other things set up for the near future. ;)

Erik; Thanks. Great minds think alike. I'd thought it looked microbial. Like bacteria.

JafaBrit; The sunshine did pick up, thanks, but unfortunately I was down for the count. Ah time!

Charles; So far so good. ;)

ivan; Our whole area is rather artsy-fartsy, which is good (in that there's a lot of opportunities,) & bad (in that there's a lot of competition.) I'll still keep plugging away, though.

Christine; Thank you. :) Yeah, I'll survive. I just feel horrible today.

Travis said...

I say the more eyes you get on your work, the better.

bernie kasper said...

Very creative shot Lana, I love the color in this, hope you get too feeling better !!

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; Agreed!

Bernie; Thanks! I'm feeling better already, fortunately.

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