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Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Yard-Bird Photos & Some News

Common crow.

Chipping sparrow (left) & brown-headed cowbird. (The birdfeeder's roof was broken by raccoons in the 1st week it was up, btw.)

Indigo buntings (left) & red-headed woodpecker.

Female cardinal (left) & male red-bellied woodpecker.

Red-headed woodpecker. Unfortunately these are on Audubon's Watch List. There were 2 here today, so chances of seeing more chicks this year are pretty good.

Cardinal pair.

Some of the indigo buntings are still getting their bright blue breeding plumage in. You can see the pin feathers on this ragged-looking specimen.

I worked hard this weekend trying to get some decent shots of the hard-to-photograph white-throated sparrows. I finally got a few (but not many.) To my surprise, I actually saw 3 of these the other day (I've never seen more than two & usually have only seen one.)

In other bird news, it appears that a pair of Carolina wrens have nested in our shed again. Charles had to go in there today & caught a fluttering out of the corner of his eye. A year ago, yesterday, there were eggs in their nest in our tent. I don't want to disturb them unnecessarily, but will certainly post any photos here if I get any in the next couple of weeks.


Doson said...

Now there's a beautiful woodpecker (lovely shot). And that little sparrow looks like a chicken. xx

Sidney said...

Wow, some very colorful visitors. I love that shot of the crow. I hope he had a companion close by so that it was "Two for joy." I just wrote a scene with a gathering of crows, "seven for the secret never to be told."

Cloudia said...

Delightful post!
Thanks & aloha, Lana

JR's Thumbprints said...

Now that we've had some warm weather in Michigan, I've been able to enjoy nature as well. Neat woodpecker photograph.

Charles Gramlich said...

Those red-headed woodpeckers are so incredibly gorgeous.

Jenn Jilks said...

Great shots!

Tabib said...

Beautiful birds pics. Love them all.

Marvin said...

Enjoying your great "yardbirds" photos. Right now, we have mostly the same birds, but you have a lot more of them.

Lana Gramlich said...

Skippy; *LOL @ the sparrow-chicken!* Thanks.

Sidney; Oh yes, there was a 2nd one nearby (that'd just been chased off of that stump, actually, so if not "2 for joy," at least "2 for get your own." *LOL*)

Cloudia, Jenn & Tabib; Thank you!

JR; Thanks. :) I'm glad to hear that Spring is reaching it's lush fingers up your way!

Charles; Not as gorgeous as you, of course. They're so distinct. A couple of them flew over my car today downtown.

Marvin; Thanks. Yes, the competition for food out back is growing rather stiff these days, but I put up a couple of new (squirrel-proof) feeders to help the cause.

earthtoholly said...

Such beautiful birds! I like the shot of the woodpecker and the cardinal facing different directions...different yet gettin' along... :o)

Happy Earth Day, Lana!

Lana Gramlich said...

Holly; Back atcha & thanks!

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