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Monday, May 18, 2009

Roosevelt State Park, Day 2

We woke at 5:30AM to go to the tower overlooking the Bienville Nat'l Forest, to get some shots of the sun rising over the vast woods. Unfortunately it was cloudy & the tower didn't open 'til 10AM, so we drove around the campground a bit more, exploring.

We ended up at a quiet boat launch, where Charles did some more fishing & I sat nearby with my cameras.
Shortly after taking this photo of a spider walking on water, I watched a little bass chasing it from below. The fish weren't biting, so we headed back to the cabin, where Charles pointed out some lovely Indian pink flowers in our "backyard."
The heat of the day was oppressive so we had a nap. Afterwards we went to see the deer management area (on the park grounds.)
There were 3 large pens with relatively tame deer in them, all tagged. I'm not much for caging animals, so I turned my attention toward the purple passionflowers growing nearby.
This passionflower has a zebra longhorn beetle and a tumbling flower beetle on it. As the sun sank toward the horizon, Charles went fishing again, out behind our cabin. He finally caught this impressive monster.
Soon after, we were treated to another lovely sunset.


Doson said...

Grt!! you tricked me with that second photo. I thought it was a spider. Anyway hope you had a great time with that lovely sunset. That's a sweet & calm sunset.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey beautiful,

Great pictures as always! Glad you and Charles are back. Your wit and wisdome were definitely missed.

Barbara Martin said...

Love the last photo, and hurrah, Charles, caught himself a fish.

Cloudia said...

Lana: This post is like a vicarious weekend in the country - very different and lovely country to me. Wonderful shots!
Thanks & Aloha

Travis said...

Sounds very relaxing.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

You get the best sunsets...!

Charles Gramlich said...

yep, that fish gets bigger every time I remember it.

Angie said...

Nice pics! Those red flowers are really pretty, and the passionflower. The spider walking on water was cool too.

It sounds like this park could stand to revamp its web site, to include the opening/closing times/dates for more of their features and services and such. This is the second time I remember you running into this problem. :/

Looking at the picture with the deer, I'm wondering whether the tags will eventually become incorporated into the species-image of the deer themselves. That is, one or two hundred generations from now (or heck, maybe even sooner) I wonder whether some number of deer lines might've developed a preference for mating with other deer which have ear tags. Might they come to see the tags as normal, if all or almost all of the other deer in their herds have them, and come to perceive a deer without the tag as having some sort of a defect? [ponder]


Larry said...

I have only a passing interest in flowers but those flowers are beautiful and interesting to look at. said...

Those "shorts".

Hee... Lana, control yourself!

bernie kasper said...

Great shots Lana, the spider on water is a great shot, well done !!

disa said...

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