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Monday, August 24, 2009

Art, Birds & More (2 Updates)

Inspired by STAA's upcoming "Put a Little Heart in Your Art" show, I completed a little painting last night;

Love Rain Down
10x8" acrylic on canvasboard
(Update, Dec. 2009; I painted thin washes over this to create "Alienation.")

Today I saw what looked much like a female indigo bunting out back. Like the blue grosbeak of the other day, this isn't a bird we typically see this time of year. I'm wondering if these might be Fall migrants, returning to Wintering grounds. It seems a bit early to me. In a similar but different vein, yesterday & today seem cooler than normal. I wonder if we're in for a cooler Winter (overall,) than last year. (Update, 8/27/09; After getting pictures of the suspected bunting & further investigation, it has turned out to be an immature male blue grosbeak--something never seen in our back yard until now.)
In other news, Charles had another book published recently; Writing in Psychology, which he co-authored with 2 others.
In yet other news, I return to work tomorrow for the first time since my surgery. Speaking of which, it turns out that I had some pre-cancerous stuff going on, so I'm glad I was finally able to have the procedure I needed. Unfortunately the U.S. (anti-)healthcare system let things go farther than they should have. Back in Canada everything would have been taken care of without question when the issues first appeared over 2 years ago. At any rate, I'm glad to be getting back to work. I'm beyond desperate for money right now & have missed my coworkers & our patrons.
I've had another couple of photos printed on the front page of the St. Tammany News. One of flowers in the sand on Aug. 19th and one of a juvenile bald eagle on Aug. 21st.
Many thanks to Chrissy for these two, lovely awards. Please do stop by her blog. She's a talented artist & crafter & an all around great gal!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm glad they got all that stuff out too. And I love your heart painting. Sweet!

Miss you terribly. But I'll be home in a few hours.

Marvin said...

Have a great first day back at work.

Doson said...

Love Rain Down... Sweet Painting & congrats on getting those blogy awards :). Glad that you are okay now.. take care

Larry said...

you can't help but smile when you see that painting.That would cheer anyone up except maybe a crazed candyholic that's craving sweetheart candies.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool acrylic and congrats on the awards -- and good luck getting back into the swing of things.

I am sorry about the crappy American health system -- wish we could have a Canadian-style system. My brother is married to a Canadian librarian whose father was well-treated in Canada (he's yet another library person).

Salud -- speedy recovery!

Natural said...

you're the first american i've heard that wants universal health care. people have been complaining that if we had healthcare like canada we would lose our freedom. anyway just interesting.

glad you got the procedure you need done. live long...

Steve Malley said...

Folks who've never actually experienced public health care don't understand how damn good it is, or how necessary... At least I'm glad the Yanks got to you eventually! :)

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