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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lies DirecTV Told Me (Updated)

From their website; "At DIRECTV, we're committed to bringing you customer service."

Last month I called DirecTV (our satellite provider,) in response to daily, pre-recorded messages on my machine to call them. I asked the friendly guy who answered the phone what they wanted. After looking at my account, he said they just wanted to let me know that I was getting a free month's service! He alluded vaguely to the economic recession & the upcoming holiday season as the reason for DirecTV's sudden & completely uncharacteristic generosity.
Considering that I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, I requested proof in writing. He assured me that he have something sent out & that my next bill would show a $0 balance.
Of course, my next bill was for the usual $60ish. I called back to report the CSR's blatant fraud. My account showed that, on the date in question, a "duplicate bill" had been requested (probably in response to my request for proof "in writing.") This CSR was very understanding & apologetic & I maintained a calm & professional demeanor. I requested that the issue be forwarded to their superiors & I've never heard about it again.

If you're considering DirecTV, consider how they treat long-term customers who always pay on time. If you get satellite TV from Dish Network or any other providers, please let me know what you think of them. On the other hand, I lived (very happily) without TV for 9 years in the past...

Feel free to share your stories of "customer service," good OR bad.

(Update, 12/28/09; After further contact with DirecTV about the issue--ME contacting THEM & not allowing them to just fluff me off--I was given 3 free months of Showtime, a $15 "value." Considering there's very little on Showtime worth watching, I'm not very pleased & I continue researching other TV providers.)


Erik Donald France said...

Cool photos'

As for access to decent broadcasting (which is mostly non-network), it's a pain. I look forward to the day when computers and TV screens work in tandem, and we can download whatever we want whenever we want, sort of like iTunes, for a reasonably cheap cost. For instance, how about .99 per movie with a vast library of every movie (or show) ever made to choose from? Meanwhille, good luck. I remember how much of a pain Comcast was when terminating service.

Erik Donald France said...

Oh weird, now one's a painting! Are they rotating?

Laurie said...

I always turn into a sub-human when I have to talk to my cable company (Time Warner). Every time I call I get a different answer and they can never explain my bill, which always seems to go up every couple of months without a change in service. Why is it that these people don't have any competition, either? It all makes me crazy.

Christina said...

That would have burned me! I don't know what I would have done, except make myself into a pain in their behind!

I love the pictures.

Charles Gramlich said...

You gotta wonder, what's in it for them, the practical joker, especially to go as far as creating a duplicate bill. Wow.

Dave Coulter said...

Oy. What a headache!

G said...


I have enough problems dealig with Ma & Pa Bell for my phone/'puter/cable. I can't imagine what kind of grief I would give to a satellite provider.

Then again, considering I work in state government, maybe I can.

Steve Malley said...

I used to get cable-type content from my phone company, of all things. Sadly, I moved a couple of blocks over and was out of the fibre-optic network's coverage area. :/

Hope you're recuperating nicely!!!

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey beautiful,

Beautiful pictures! Customer service stories of horror when it comes to cable. Okay, here's the joy of Comcast -- On demand doesn't work. I complain. Phone person: But you're not paying for on demand. We just provide it. Umm, to the tune of a hundred dollars a month, brain trust, I refrain from saying. Very irritating!

Shannon said...

I ordered DirecTV through Verizon as part of a phone, TV, internet plan. The installer came out and said that he could not work that day because it was raining but he would be back the next day to do the install. When he did not show up a week later I called and they told me that my order for DirecTV had been cancelled and to reorder it was going to cost me $150. I had already paid $120 for them to do the original install, and I told them that. They said there was nothing they could do about it.

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