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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fontainebleau, Weather & Shoulder Update

Here are a few more photos from our New Year's Eve hike at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, LA...

On the path to the marsh.

One of many American robins. Along the path we also saw tufted titmice, red-winged blackbirds, an American pipit & red-headed & red-bellied woodpeckers.

I really liked the shadows & reflections here.

At the marsh.

Marsh water.

Great egret in the marsh. There were also dozens upon dozens of American coots, some brown pelicans & at least one tricolored heron at the marsh.

On the boardwalk, a "poo bear."

Since that beautiful, 72F day it has since grown very cold here (relatively speaking.) Highs lately are in the mid-40s (farenheit,) with lows well below freezing. There's even been some talk in the forecast about sn*w...but that's enough of such blasphemy!

In other news, I got the stitches out of my shoulder the other day & the doctor showed me photos taken through the laproscope during the procedure (including him bolting my labrum back to the bone.) I still have to take it easy & can't raise my arm more than 90 degrees, but I'm able to paint again (so long as I'm careful.) I've also ret'd to work & start physical therapy soon, but I already feel so much better! A million thanks & blessings to Glenda Petroff, the nurse practitioner who actually listened to me & did something about it!

In other news, Syd Barrett's birthday is tomorrow. He would have been 64. R.I.P, Syd.


Laurie said...

Good news on your shoulder! And terrific photos as usual. I'm always attracted to the ones that feature pathways...

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

That marsh water is really nice. All of the pictures are but that one grabbed me.

Dave Coulter said...

I like the marsh water.....glad you're on the mend, too :)

Travis said...

Excellent news that you can start painting again.

And that marsh water picture looks like something Charles can use to make a scary story. Or maybe it could serve as the cover art for a book. Definitely spooky.

Doson said...

Ahh.. that Marsh Water is a great shot. I don't know what to say. :)
And glad that you're recovering well.

Cloudia said...

We have cattle egrets - yours ARE great, Lana ;-)

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

debra said...

I love your photos, Lana. Have goldfinches arrived yet? We still have some---along with 18 inches of snow, and a prediction of maybe another foot. I will come back to your photos when white is all I see.
So glad your shoulder is healing and that you found someone to listen.

Charles Gramlich said...

It's a lot warmer today than yesterday. I see clouds though.

Jason said...

You really do have a great blog here. I'm picking out a few of them that I like and introducing myself and my blog, I want it to be a top resource for those looking for inspiration and motivation. Life is hard enough, you know? I was wondering if we could exchange links and help spread some traffic around between each other. It's a win/win for both of us.

Please let me know if this is possible.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Great news on the shoulder!

That marsh shot is almost abstract. Very nicely done!

Marvin said...

Great photos! I especially like the marsh grass. Great to here that your recovery for the shoulder surgery is progressing well.

G said...

Great shots. Glad to hear that you're on the mend.

And I would die for temps in the 40's right now. I'm suffering through temps in the lo 20's with a wind chill that drops it even lower.

Care to ship any of that mild weather up here? :D

bernie kasper said...

I am glad your doing well, and I am really excited that you are getting some of our weather down there as well !!

I love the Marsh water shot Lana, very cool feel to it !!

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey beautiful,

So glad you're shoulder is doing better! And yes, always nice when someone in the medical field listens and takes an injury seriously. Love the latest pictures as always and especially the painting you did post on Charles' blog. It's very evocative. And I'm so glad you like the earrings -- they made me think of you!

Bird said...

Holy cow - I need to catch up! I am loving these photos but also thinking of you and your shoulder operation, I'm glad it's done and you are recovering nicely. I'd be fascinated and grossed out in equal measure if those operation pics were mine :D

I think I might have to listen to Relics tonight.

Shauna Roberts said...

The photo of the path to the marsh is gorgeous! Is that one for sale? If so, could I have info on pricing? ShaunaRoberts [at] nasw [dot] org

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