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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's Birds

Unfortunately our weather's been gray & rainy lately & today it cooled off again (40F & breezy,) so I haven't gotten out much to much more than work. Here are some shots of "our" birds from today. As always, click for larger views.

One of 7 Northern cardinals, a bunch of American goldfinches & a white throated & chipping sparrows.

There were at least 50 chipping sparrows here at once today, blowing away any previous counts here. There are over 30 in this picture, alone.

Out front, we were inundated by a mixed flock of American robins & red-winged blackbirds (about 60-70 in total.) They're known to pal around like this, but I wonder why...

Some of the goldfinches (not these,) are still unusually yellow & I even saw one that still had remnants of his black, Summer "cap."

Male red-bellied woodpecker. His mate was around, as well.

The male cardinals are getting more aggressive now, as mating season approaches.

The weather's not looking much better for the next few days, but I need to put in more time on my gyrfalcon painting & other art-work, anyway.


Erik Donald France said...

Gorgeous little tykes -- the goldfinches are incredibly cute looking. Beautiful life abundant.

Tom said...

Lana- Yep, I've directed my summer resident chipping sparrows to your yard, knowing that you'll take care of them. They must have listened to me. Very cool painting of the Gyrfalcon. Megan and I enjoyed the PBS "Nature" program on them a few weeks ago- it is a must see if you're interested in them, although it's not for rabbit lovers.


nothingprofound said...

So now I know what those adorable little birds are who occasionally squat on the Rose of Sharon bush outside my window-goldfinches. They're so cute. And I get such a kick when they drop by.

Dave Coulter said...

Nice shots....Happy Groundhog Day!

Rick said...

It felt like I could actually reach out and touch those goldfinches!

Kate said...

Absolutely beautiful

Lynda Lehmann said...

Hi Lana! You are SO blessed to be surrounded by so much bird life! What riches for the soul, to have so much nature in your daily life.

I didn't know that goldfinches change color with the seasons, but it makes sense that their hues would become brighter for mating season.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I didn't see all those little birds in the first photo of the cardinal until a clicked on a bigger pic. What a fab photo.

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