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Monday, February 15, 2010

Art Event (Updated)

Today the "Art @ the Mall" show opens in Slidell, LA. I have 2 paintings and a photo in the show. Click here for details.

(Update, 3/6/10; One of my paintings won "best in show" & my photo took "3rd place.")


Cloudia said...

Lucky art lovers; You are good!

Aloha, Lana

Comfort Spiral

Rick said...

After days of driving through a burned out city where graffiti is considered the ultimate art, it's a wonderful moment when I come to see your work, Lana.

debra said...

Best of luck with the show, Lana

Abbe A said...

Lana, love the blog and appreciate all your comments. Your photos are terrific, you know how I love nature too. I can see your very warm heart and soul in your work!
Take care -
oh, this weekend is Blue Harvest, it is going to be fun. I'm letting "The blond one" guide us with all the details, only know it's Saturday at 4pm. will keep you posted....

Demon Hunter said...

Good luck, Lana. :-D

mutuelle complémentaire said...

Thanks for the informations

Mutuelle said...

love the blog and Your photos are terrific, you know how I love nature too.


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