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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enough Already

Between the cool-ish temperatures, the gray, breezy/rainy days & the saturated, swampy ground, I'm starting to go stir crazy. Last night I even heard the local meteorologist mention something about sn*w in the forecast, at which point my brain went into immediate shutdown/denial.
All of this weather-imposed confinement gave me a little time to work on my gyrfalcon painting, though. After working & reworking the body, I'm considering it finished. Although it's up in the gallery on my website, I will replace that image with a better one if ever the sun breaks through the clouds again.


troutbirder said...

As a newbie birder I'm always working to build up my "life list." I really like your falcon. Does it count for me though? :)

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey honey,

Here's sending some warm weather your way! I'm back in the cold and snow very soon, but that's okay -- I don't mind it so much. And I know what you mean about streamlining -- always a work in progress for me!

Kate said...

I agree I am sick of the cold. In London today i was out in the middle of a hailstorm - freezing and painful!

Kate xx

Charles Gramlich said...

The sun is only a wish. But I see its fire-warmth every time I look into your eyes.

Erik Donald France said...

Awesome on your work.

As for the cold, man, a good chunk of the country is getting blitzed as I post. Crazy year for weather already.

Cloudia said...

Love Charles' comment, Lana.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Dave Coulter said...

I'm not sure how all the sn*w we got last night would affect your sanity!

Travis Erwin said...

Stay warm. And how bout them Saints?

Larry said...

I'm going to paint something this year.Whenever I come to your blog it makes me feel like painting.I did pretty good with those Bob Ross kits a few years back but I want to do it on my own this year.

Travis said...

Our rainy season has been fairly evenly spaced, so I'm doing ok with the weather.

What has got me stir crazy is this dang construction! It just keeps going on and on and on. The end is in sight, but getting there seems like it's taking forever.

Hang in there!

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