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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Ramblings

I grow weary of our weather. It's been relatively cold, wet & overcast for so long that I hardly remember what the Great Ball of Sky Fire looks & feels like. The very few, brief moments that it even hints at peeking through, the ground's too rain-saturated to get out, anyway. Unfortunately we're forecast even colder temperatures & more precipitation (including sn*w, a rare event here--until this year, anyway.) My cameras sit idle, like kids whose friends have abandoned them, staring at me pitiously with big, unblinking eyes, hoping that maybe today they can go out and play. I turn them to face the wall, because I don't want to face the truth, myself.

I've been keeping busy with other art business. Tonight I'll be working on my newsletter (e-mail me if you'd like to be added to the list of recipients.)

A recent, potential health issue has turned out not to be a big deal. It may resolve itself & I don't have to worry about it (at least for the immediate future.) I was very happy to hear that.

We're closing the refinance on our house this afternoon. Not only are we saving a bundle, but all of the jumping-through-hoops will be finished.

Charles spied some deer poop in our yard today & something's been rooting up parts of the bird feeding area (an armadillo seems the most likely candidate.) We have an utterly asinine number of birds in the yard lately. I can't possibly keep track (although I try my best, as a regular eBird contributor.)


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

BEAUTIFUL photo and I hear you about the inclement weather. Am soooooo waiting for spring.

Fantastic news with your health. :D That's GREAT!!! I go through my times too and am grateful when I am not healing from surgery.

I know that spring will come because it's on the calendar. :D

Happy Weekend!
Hugs, JJ

Travis said...

Patience...spring will be here soon.

Christina said...

It's raining off and on here too, but I hear the states we left behind are getting it bad. I can't wait until there is warmth in the sky and the flowers I planted bloom.

celticmusicfan said...

I wish I could bring the sun your way

Chrissy said...

I am so sick of the gloomy skies. Today there have been rain storms agains and I want to see flowers and leaves, I am sick of bare trees...So I really do hear you on that one. Glad your health scare is not too big a deal :D

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey honey,
Thanks so much for the support -- I just finished my pages! LOVE the picture on your post (as usual) and am wishing you lots of sun. Glad for the health issue news (always glad when I hear that!) and good luck with the refinance. Always good to save money and quit having to deal with evil paperwork.

troutbirder said...

I didn't realize that four letter word was unmentionable in your area. Apparently we're used to it here in Minnesota and it no longer carries much shock value. :)
btw I'm a big lover of ebird myself. It so handy and easy to keep track of sighting, locations and dates!!!

timethief said...

I'm afraid to even open my mouth about the weather. Thanks goodness we are now seeing clear skies again from time to time. There were days when I thought that might not ever happen again. Rain, rain, rain, cloudy skies, more rain and gale force winds day in and day out- yuck! "ENOUGH!", she shrieked.

Thanks for sharing your good news on your health and the refinance.

Bernita said...

Oh, I hear you!
Me too!

Doson said...

Hmmm it'll be good to receive your newsletter :)

Bird said...

I'm glad to see that a few things are looking up, particularly your health issues!

The weather you've been having sounds similar to ours. It actually hasn't rained here for about five days now, but it rained so hard for the previous ten days that there are still lakes of standing water everywhere.

PS:- on a lighter note and perhaps a sign of spring being on the way, word verification for this comment was "mating"

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