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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Art, Space & Floyd (Updated)

Today Charles & I will be attending "A Work of Art" gallery grand opening, where my "Morning on the Bayou" (below,) painting will be on display. (Update, Jun. 5, 2010; This painting has sold.)

The next few days, astronomically speaking...
Mar. 7; Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter. Last quarter moon.
Mar. 8; Pluto in conjunction with the moon.
Mar. 11; Mars stationary (it's not, really, but it appears to be.)

Happy 64th birthday, David Gilmour!


pilgrimchick said...

Great piece of art--congrats on being on exhibit!

Erik Donald France said...

Mr. Gilmour, happy b-day!

Hope your day was great,and fun at the show!

kyungmee said...

Hi! I wante to thank you for visiting my blog and wish you lots of success with your opening! You are very talented and have beautiful work!!

CTStudios said...

You've captured the egret wonderfully.

For more egrets, have you been out to the Pine Island Rookery? The NNC group are going again this year (we've been the past two years) and the photo opportunty is incredible.

Lana Gramlich said...

pilgrimchick; Thank you.

Erik; Yes, it was very nice. The gallery is new, so it was cool to be invited to show there!

kyungmee; Thank you for visiting, too & for commenting on my work. I appreciate the input.

CTStudios; Thank you. Unfortunately, to date, I've never participated in any of the bird fest events. Pine Island Rookery sounds wonderful, though. I'll have to consider it.

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