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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve

Some images from a recent walk at the Flatwoods (close to our house.)

A whirligig beetle (thanks Christine of "Let's Paint Nature"!)

Trumpet vine & bumblebee.

Apologies for the poor quality of this image of a prothonotary warbler, but it was the best I could do. This was our first sighting of this bird at the Flatwoods.

Male common whitetail dragonfly.

The yellow pitcher plants are in bloom.


Charles Gramlich said...

Loved seeing all the pitcher plant blooms.

Travis said...

Stuff is really starting to wake up!

Cloudia said...

All great, but the top of water was mesmerizing!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Lynda Lehmann said...

I'm always astounded at the variety in your area. I'd be out wandering, all the time!

Erik Donald France said...

Ah, the alien world of insects. Cool perpspective.

As for water bugs, I've known some people skimming along the surface like that!

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Yes, but they're still not as handsome as you.

Travis; FINALLY! :)

Cloudia; Thank you.

Lynda; That's usually what I'm up to, when the weather's not brutal & I'm not ill. Hoping to go for another swamp tour this weekend, actually. ;)

Erik; I'm glad for, where I can often get an ID for all of these funky critters!

Let's Paint Nature said...

Is that a whirligig beetle? Was it gliding and spinning in circles?

Lana Gramlich said...

I think it might have been, actually. It certainly looks more like what I have here than the only other option I'd found. Thanks for the help!

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