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Sunday, July 11, 2010

More from the Flatwoods

Here are some more shots from last weekend's hike at the Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve.

Pale meadow beauties (we have these on the fringes of our yard, as well.)

There were lots of these common wood nymph butterflies around.

Charles pointed out this strange fungus.

One of many dragonflies.

The young golden orb weavers are already out (this one is about 2" long.) By October they'll be HUGE.

In one area we saw a few strange bugs covered with a sticky, soft, white material that came off easily when Charles touched them.

On the railing of the boardwalk I spotted this strange, little bug (possibly a monkey slug/hag moth larva.)

The yellow pitchers are starting to show their age. Some were so devoid of color they were virtually transparent.

Now that the heat & humidity here have driven temperatures over 100F on a daily basis, I suspect that hike will be our last for quite a while.


G said...

Cool pics....some of those would make neat characters for a few horror stories.

Charles Gramlich said...

G's right. I think those small moving bugs with the white stuff all over them could appear in a horror story. Maybe bigger, though. Great pics as always.

Laurie Powers said...

Lana, these are wonderful - as usual. A few months ago I had the opportunity to photograph an extraordinary grasshopper that had landed on my front window. Alas, they are gone now for the summer, it appears.

I also just checked out the book Eye Candy Photography, and it's breathtaking! I'll be buying a copy soon! Congrats on a fantastic achievement.

troutbirder said...

A great hike with interesting results. One hundred degrees with humidity? No thanks

Demon Hunter said...

Loved all the pics, Lana. But the close-up of the dragonfly was my favorite. :-D We have bunches around here--along with butterflies.

Cloudia said...

Charles likes sci-fi things like fungi :)

Another wonderful post, Lana

Aloha from Hawaii, friend :)

Comfort Spiral

Barbara Martin said...

Great photos, Lana. I admit I'm not too keen on insects, especially the ones that crawl and creep. Dragonflies are okay, though. Some grow quite large with huge wingspans. Their redeeming quality: they eat mosquitoes.

Chrissy said...

Some wonderful images, I love the dragonfly and the spider...
I don't mind crawlie insects as long as I don't have to pick the big ones up! LOL. In fact the other day two very large dragonflies flew straight at me which was a little disconcerting, but their navigational powers are awesome as is their munching of other insects!

Lauren said...

It's amazing the complexity of life one can see when you stop to zoom in a little on bugs and plant life! Those are some interesting little insects you've caught!

Erik Donald France said...

I think the monkey slug is the coolest, plus the fungus. Spides set me back viscerally, but not as much as snakes -- the dragonfly, on the other hand, has a regal Jimi Hendrix connotation somehow . . .

Lana Gramlich said...

G; Thanks & agreed!

Charles; Thanks, sweetiepie. Evidently that monkey slug thing is mildly poisionous, so that'd make a formidible monster, too!

Laurie; Thanks, hon! You need to share your grasshopper with us! Did I miss it on your blog?

troutbirder; OVER 100F with humidity, actually. And August isn't even here yet...

DH; Thanks. We're surrounded by butter- & dragonflies, too. I just find it very hard to get the butterflies. They won't stand still!

Cloudia; Thanks.

Barbara; I don't mind insects, so long as they're not crawling on ME. *L* The mosquito-eating is a big plus on their side. That's how I stay friends with spiders!

Chrissy; The navigation of dragonflies astounds me. I was once out on the marsh w/my hubby at sunset & the darker it got, the more dragonflies amassed there. I'm not kidding--there were THOUSANDS of them, & no one bumped into each other OR us. Just amazing!

Lauren; Thanks. I like to spend time specifically looking for the teensy things. You'd be amazed what you can find in your own yard, y'know?

Erik; I know that some people "don't like spiders & snakes," to paraphrase the song, but I'm one of those freaks who find them fascinating. I thought the monkey slug was pretty cool, too. I'd thought it was just some kind of fluff caught on the railing, until I saw it moving & got in for a closer look. Such a strange critter! Dragonflies are just cool. ;)

celticmusicfan said...

To be surrounded by such beauty is a bliss.

Lana Gramlich said...

celticmusicfan; Agreed. Wholeheartedly. :)

Steve Malley said...

Mmmmmm... just needed a little break from the writing, and those flowers and dragonflies were just the ticket!


Lana Gramlich said...

Glad to be of service. :)

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