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Saturday, July 17, 2010

R.A.K. & New Fledglings

I experienced a Random Act of Kindness the other day. I ran into a gentleman acquaintance of mine. He knows of balance disorder & asked how it was going. I was having a particularly bad day & told him as much. He said he'd been a medic in the Navy & mentioned some medicines I should try. Hours later I bumped into him again & he gave me a box of dramamine, suggesting that it should help. This is my first weekend trying it & for the first time in almost 2 months there've been no signs of random attacks of vertigo & I can look up & down again without getting wobbly & nauseous. After 15 years and 3 doctors, it took a near-stranger's kindness to alleviate my suffering. I hope I run into him again soon. He deserves a BIG hug.

In other news, our backyard is virtually red & blue these days with cardinals (about 20,) & jays (about 11--our highest count here, ever.) One of the young, male cardinals has a freakishly tall crest--it reminds me of Henry from Eraserhead. Last week we had a random, male indigo bunting (which never happens outside of migrating season.) Charles also saw a hawk out back, feeding on a dove. Today, however, I spotted something brown hopping across the feeding area. Binoculars revealed a female Eastern towhee (left) & chick (right.)


Travis Erwin said...

That's great Lana. Three cheers for steady legs and good friends.

Travis Cody said...

It must be amazing to not feel that sense of vertigo.

NatureFootstep said...

Sometimes it is hard to see the birds :)

celticmusicfan said...

Goodness begets goodness :) I am cheering for you. You go girl!!!!!

BigGiantHat said...

Our cardinals sort of disappeared recently -- I figure a more wealthy neighbor is feeding them better :).

Yay for your friend and his recommendation!


Cloudia said...

Knowing of vertigo, I'm happy for you! meclizine?

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Tabib said...

Dramamine or Dimenhydrinate is OTC anti-emetic and anti-motion sickness.
This is fist line drug that I gave for that.
Good to know that it effective for your symptoms.

Larry said...

Interesting and good information on the Dramamine Lana. Also nice to see the Towhee with its chick in tow ;-)

Charles Gramlich said...

No mention of the feeding hawk the other day?>

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis E.; Yes...Cheers to that!

Travis C.; It's like having a new life. The dramamine makes me fall asleep for a while, but that why I started taking it over the weekend. I can make adjustments before I go back to work.

NatureFootstep; Yeah. That's why I invested in some good binoculars!

celticmusicfan; Thanks so much. :)

BigGiantHat; Sometimes birds will seem to vanish for a while if there's a predator in the area. I had it happen to me some years ago. ALL the birds were gone. They came back when the falcon finally moved on.
My acquaintence's recommendation would have been kind enough, but to have gone out & bought me a box...that was just way too nice of him!

Cloudia; He told me about meclizine, but gave me dramamine (dimenhydrinate.) I'm so grateful.

Tabib; Yes, I'm so glad it's helping. I was starting to get REALLY depressed about it.

Larry; Yes, I'm pleased with both. I can consider buying a bike again, I think. As for the towhee, we lost our former pair during Hurricane Gustav. Nice to see them back again. I love the diversity we have here.

Charles; My bad, baby! I've updated the post.

Maalie said...

So glad to hear of your lucky break!
Yes, there are a lot more birds about now that the young ones have fledged!

Sphinx Ink said...

A Random Act of Kindness indeed! So glad you've found a way to alleviate the dizziness. Too bad you had to suffer so long when such a simple solution could have resolved it...hah to modern medicine.

And thanks for the great bird pix, I love 'em.

Juliana Matthews said...

That is wonderful that you have found relief from the debilitating vertigo. Isn't it amazing how that happened for you?
Dramamine knocks me out big time - as I found when given it by a Ships Doctor on a very bumpy cruise. I was out of it for 3 days! You can get dramimine that has the anti-drowsy stuff in and I take that now as I do suffer from motion sickness in the car when a passenger.

When I was last in Tennessee, I saw cardinals and they are just beautiful - just as in Fannie Flaggs book "Redbird Christmas".

We don't have the cardinals in the UK, however we do get Jays but they rarely come into gardens. I had never heard of a Towhee so have just gone and looked them up.

Delighted you are feeling so well again.

troutbirder said...

Great new on the health front Lana. And 20 cardinals? Wow!!!

Claire said...

This is great news! What a great guy.

JR's Thumbprints said...

The only time I experience vertigo is when I'm walking down a flight of stairs while looking through my bifocals. It's good to hear that your problem is solved; but that poor doctor, he'd still like you to visit regularly so he can bill you.

Kate Sterling said...

So glad you got relief and an act of kindness in one shot. :)

My daughter and I saw a hawk circling a field the othey day, but couldn't see what it was after. There are tons of little bunnies and chipmunks out here right now.

Lana Gramlich said...

Maalie; This time of year the birds practically eat us out of house & home...not that we mind. :)

Sphinx Ink; Yes! "Hah" indeed.

Juliana; Thanks. I'm finding that the dramamine knocks me out big time, too, but it's still better than the vertigo! Thanks for letting me know that there's non-drowsy stuff out there. That'd be great.
BTW, the colored text in my posts are links to more information, so all you really have to do is click on "Eastern towhee" for more.

troutbirder; Yes, very great news for me. As for the cardinals, a couple of years ago we had over 30 of them, which is why we refer to this place as our "cardinial emporium." *L*

Claire; Agreed, completely.

JR; Yes, I'm sure the Dr. would continue to make his fortune at my expense. To be honest, I still do want to have an MRI done, though. My symptoms are WAYYY beyond what he's diagnosed me with & I suspect my ex damaged something when he accidentally smashed that side of my head full-force on the wooden arm of a couch years ago (which is also what knocked my eye out of whack & caused me to need glasses.)

Kate; I'm glad, too. Yeah, any little critters need to be wary of the eyes in the sky.

Halcyon said...

My mom had balance problems for years as well. Luckily it finally went away, but doctors could never figure it out either. Glad to hear you're getting some relief!

How lucky to have such a large bird population in your area. If you come back to my blog and click on the "wingscapes" link in the labels section (on the right column), you can see the different birds who've come through my yard. We had a blue grosbeak during the migration season this year and a couple of gold finches too.

The camera really provides me with a lot of enjoyment. It takes some patience to look through all the photos (most don't turn out) but when you get a good one, it's all worth it!

Sorry for the ramble... ;-)

Wren said...

Very patriotic, your red & blue birds. I love watching them all this time of year when the little ones are starting to become independent.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Lana,

Wow -- all those doctors and none of them thought of dramamine? But I so get it -- it's weird how my most helpful moments about health are usually not from people I am paying to see. That's so great that it's working! Love the new shots!

Lana Gramlich said...

Halcyon; Sounds like your mom might have had vestibular neuronitis. Regardless, it's certainly not fun. I'm glad your mom's bout is finally over. I think I owe all of our wonderful birds to living in the Mississippi flyway. Besides "the regulars," we get bunches of more exotic migrators twice a year, too. I find cameras a great birding tool. If I can't ID a bird on the spot, if I got some good shots of it, chances are good that I'll be able to ID it later (if not, I still have photos I can pass around to ask for others' input.)

Wren; Yes, we enjoy having all the fledglings. Young woodpeckers are particularly entertaining (still learning to peck,) but we didn't seem to get any this year.

Michelle; Thanks. :) The dramamine was totally knocking me out, but I've switched to meclizine ("less drowsy" dramamine, basically,) & so far, so good! I just wish I'd run into this guy 15 years ago, y'know?

Malik m said...

its fun taking risks well i hope you get better.

Lana Gramlich said...

Thank you, Malik. :) said...

COOL! I'm so happy your vertigo is releaved! I think your guardian angel set you guys up to meet that day ;) You are loved.

Lana Gramlich said...

Christine; I ended up switching to meclazine, which is a "less drowsy" version of dramamine. It's not as effective as the dramamine, but I can't spend half of my life asleep. It's still WAY better than nothing, for sure!

Erik Donald France said...

Kudos on the dramamine and meclazine -- sea legs for landside.

Barbara Martin said...

It's not often one hears about acts of kindness. I'm glad you've finally had relief of your ongoing symptoms.

Lana Gramlich said...

Erik; Yes!

Barbara; Thanks. It was so very nice of him!

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