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Monday, June 28, 2010

Repaint; Misty Autumn Morning

Misty Autumn Morning
18x24" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Regular readers of my blog might recognize this image, which I originally came up with in late 2007. It was done on an 8x10" canvasboard back then, which is too small to sell (generally speaking.) Not to mention that Charles really loved it, so I decided we'd keep it (& it still hangs on our wall.) For a painting that's never been for sale, however, it's generated a lot of interest. In that vein, I recently decided it was time to paint it again, this time large enough to make a sale worthwhile.
I'll be bringing it to Potter Greenthumb's (in Abita Springs) this morning. The proprietor there mentioned the other day that my treatment of light seems to do particularly well, so this should fit right in.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Astronomically Speaking

Fri., June 24; Pluto at opposition.

Sat., June 26; Pluto in conjunction with the Moon and PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.

Wed., June 30; Neptune in conjunction with the Moon.

Sat., July 3; Jupiter & Uranus in conjunction with the Moon.

Mon., July 5; Uranus stationary.

Tues., July 6; Earth at aphelion.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Lovely Sunset

Taken from the road in front of my house a few days ago.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Painting; Mississippi Queen

Mississippi Queen
24x18" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bird News

Here's another shot of a fledgling cardinal having lunch with dad. There are plenty of cardinals around these days (as usual.) In addition, I've definitely seen a blue jay feeding a chick & a cluster of 5 tufted titmice, 2 of which were fluttering for food (note that it's rare to ever see even 2 titmice here at once.)
We still occasionally find leftover mourning dove feathers in the feeding area, evidence of their demise by hawk, cat or what have you. It's not unusual & as they say, nature's red in tooth & claw. The other day, though, Charles found some unusual feathers in our driveway. Further research revealed the owner to be a red-bellied woodpecker.
I'm definitely more sentimental about "our" woodpeckers than I am about mourning doves (which are the most prolific birds in the U.S.) Red-bellied woodpeckers were the first birds to come to our feeders. We've always enjoyed watching them & their progeny over the years. Young woodpeckers need to be taught how to peck & their first efforts are humorously clumsy. There are few birds who seem to retain their prehistoric heritage to the degree that woodpeckers do. Watching them land on a tree is like watching a magnet thrown at the fridge. I'd noticed recently that I hadn't seen the adult male lately. Nor have I seen any young yet this year. Regardless of who we might have lost, it's not "just another dove" this time.
Far worse than the loss of "our" woodpecker, this article regarding the carelessness of contractors cleaning up the oil spill makes me sick to my stomach. I suspected that brown pelicans would end up back on the endangered species list & if the "care" taken by the cleaning crews trampling these nests are any indication, I'm probably right.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Sunset, Etc.

These pictures were taken from my front yard a few days ago.
I'm currently considering painting another swamp scene. I don't feel quite 100% today, unfortunately.
As a fan of comedian Brian Regan, I was happy to hear he's heading our way. We have tickets to see him in late August & I'm sure it'll be a great time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Painting; Wood Ducks (Updated)

Wood Ducks
18x24" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas
(One of my "birds on white" series.)

I'm happy to announce that I've sold 3 paintings since May 29th. Fortunately painting season's upon us (it's too hot to get out much during the day,) so I'll be focusing on that for the next few months.
In other art news, the Bayou Lacombe Art Center display at the Lacombe Crab Festival has been cancelled. (Update, 6/10/10; I'm now scheduled as "Artist of the Month" at Mandeville City Hall for Sept. 2010.)
Because my old graphics program can't be installed on my new computer, I've switched to using Gimp, which is much better so far (although I'm still figuring it out.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flatwoods & Fledglings

Last weekend Charles and I also went for a hike at the Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve. It was a gray day. The battery in my Canon EOS Rebel died early on. Fortunately I still had my PowerShot.

At the beginning of the boardwalk were a variety of flowers, including these yellow meadow beauties.

There were plenty of yellow (& parrot,) pitcher plants, as usual.

There was lots of white-topped sedge. There were also some immature orchard orioles in the area. We also heard a Northern bobwhite farther along the trail. I was glad to hear it, since they're in decline across their entire range & are on the verge of being added to the threatened species list.

On the first bridge over the Abita Creek, recent rains had left droplets clinging to spider webs. There was an Eastern swallowtail butterfly nearby, but not close enough for my PowerShot.

Despite the thick clouds, we saw a sundog.

Somewhere near the horizon was an opening in the clouds, allowing the setting sun to get up underneath them & paint them with beautiful colors.

In other news, yesterday I saw the first cardinal fledglings in our backyard. There were 6 of them in total (3 males & 3 females.)

Here's a proud, moulting father having lunch with his son.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Surprises at Northlake

Last weekend Charles & I went to Northlake Nature Center in Mandeville, LA (since Fontainbleau State Park was probably packed with screaming children for the holiday.) It turned out to be a wonderful decision for numerous reasons;
1. There was NO ONE there,
2. Unlike Fontainbleau, there's lots of shade to protect us from the increasingly oppressive heat,
3. We stopped by a little dock in an area we often skip, where...

I scared up this young gator from under the dock,

I spotted this yellow-bellied water snake very close by, and we hopped up onto a bench to look over some grasses to see...

...a yellow-crowned night heron (my first sighting,) and...

a female wood duck having a brief spat. There were also various kinds of dragonflies, a cardinal pair passed by & a trio of red-bellied woodpeckers chased each other around.

On our way out, we spotted... eastern lubber grasshopper nymph (not the only one around,)

...a bronze frog and the typical plethora of turtles (particularly red-eared sliders.)

This small turtle kept chasing the larger one around, getting in front of it & wiggling it's claws in the larger turtle's face. Evidently this is part of their mating ritual.

It was all a very pleasant distraction from what's going on in the Gulf right now.

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