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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Marsh at Fontainebleau & Another Interview

Charles and I popped down for a quick hike at Fontainebleau State Park last weekend. On the path to the marsh we saw a mockingbird (as usual,) and heard lots of cardinals.

There was a smattering of birds at the marsh; pied-billed grebes, common moorhens, marsh wrens, a great blue heron, a Northern harrier and some tree swallows--one of which was chasing an American kestrel! (That last is a first for me. Unfortunately all of the action was too far for my camera, but Charles always brings our binoculars along.)

I took this shot of the marsh from the boardwalk that ambles through it. It goes on for miles and miles, turning into Big Branch Marsh Nat'l Wildlife Refuge at some point. There's a shot of this marsh from the Big Branch side here.

We don't get a lot of fall colors here, except for the Chinese tallow trees. Unfortunately this is an invasive species that's really overrunning everything (we even have it in our yard & it's virtually impossible to destroy.) There's some talk of using it as a biofuel.

The water's been way down at the marsh for most of the year. I've never seen it so full of--whatever those rafts of plant matter are. At least it doesn't smell badly.

Leave it to eagle-eyed Charles to spot the pair of great horned owls.

A lovely end to a lovely day.

In other news, pop over to Erik's Choice for Lana Gramlich Interview, Part I and Part II. Many thanks to Erik for taking the time and effort!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Painting; Primaries

Since I was ripped off by former, local "businessman," Sean Bishop, I've been finding it very hard to engage in my usual style of painting. In an effort to at least produce SOMEthing, I've been creating large abstracts. (FYI, I'll be filing a small claims case against Mr. Bishop shortly.)

48x36" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Here are a couple of detail shots;

In other, art news, I'll be bringing in my entries for "Fine & Functional 4" (in Hammond, LA,) this afternoon. Also, after submitting my biography for inclusion among the free, Rhinobook artists' listings, they e-mailed to say that they liked my work so much they would waive their normal fee to include a few pieces in their gallery (where my works are numbers 71-75.) I appreciate their kind invitation!

In bird news, there were 29 indigo buntings out back yesterday evening, and the first 2 chipping sparrows of Winter.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Foggy Morning, Award, Interview (Updated)

A few shots I took wandering around my neighborhood one morning last week...

(Update, Apr. 3, 2011; This piece rec'd 1st Place [photography] in the Lacombe Art Guild's spring show.
Update, Jul. 15, 2011; This photo took 1st Place [photography] in Slidell Art League's "Cirque du Sol Art" show as well as a Purchase Award from Slidell Memorial Hospital [who hosted the show.])

My interview's up on Whopple. Pop over for a gander!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reptiles at Northlake

Charles and I went for a hike at Northlake Nature Center a little while back. We ran into quite a few reptiles. As usual, click for larger views (also as usual, colored text indicate a link to more information.)

Juvenile 5-lined skink.

Carolina anole.

Red-eared sliders. The 2nd from the left one seems to have survived a gator attack. His shell is badly damaged, not just cracked but with large sections just totally gone.

Coal skink.

Louisiana yard dog.

Here are a couple of non-reptilian bonus shots;

Olive-green swamp grasshopper.

Some kind of mushroom. (IDs always welcome!)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Bluff & Personal Holidays

This past Sunday, Charles and I went to see Red Bluff, in Morgantown, MS (just over an hour from home.) It was amazing...

Allegedly, any trees growing in the bluffs slid down from the top of the ridge at some point.

Here's a shot for scale--there's a person standing on the top of the cliff. Click for larger view.

The main road had to be moved (obviously.)

A pipevine swallowtail. Thanks to Vernon Antoine Brou for the ID.

In personal holiday news, our wedding anniversary was Monday, my birthday was yesterday & Charles' is today.

Also, I'll be vending at the Art for Madisonville market an the Tchefuncte Riverfront on Water St. in Madisonville, LA on Sat., Oct. 16th from 10am to 4pm. C'mon down!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Migrating Visitors

Indigo buntings stopped by our yard the other day on their way to their Wintering grounds. They migrate at night, using the stars as a guide. Here some of the birds are showing bits of blue (click for larger view.) This morning a female rose-breasted grosbeak was out back with her son (some of the indigo buntings were by again, too.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Art Events

Fri., Oct. 8, 6-8pm; Opening Reception, Abita Artists Fall Show 2010 (featuring works from Tony Latino, Katy Monnot, Karen Young, D'Wanna Hanes, Gary Achee, Kimberly Berkeley and Lana Gramlich.)

Sat., Oct. 16, 10am-4pm; Art for Madisonville Market (I'll have photos--both framed and matted/bagged--and acrylic paintings for sale.)

Both events will take place in Madisonville, LA. Details available on either my website calendar or my facebook page ("events" tab.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Park; Camp Salmen

A couple of weekends ago another new park opened in our area; Camp Salmen Nature Park, a converted boy scout camp in Slidell, LA.

Great blue heron.

Cloudless sulphur on big, red, mystery flower.

I loved the way the trees crossed over the path. Isn't it inviting?

Buckeye on blue mistflower.

This stretch of boardwalk felt like walking through Jurassic Park.

Milkweed assassin bug on mystery yellow flower. Thanks to Ken Wolgemuth of for the ID!

Roseate skimmer. I've seen green dragonflies here. Brown, white, blue & orange, sure, but NEVER pink/purple! Thanks to Ron M of for the ID!

Long-tailed skipper on blue mistflower. Thanks to Vernon Antoine Brou for the ID!

Eastern lubber grasshopper, a monster of a bug. I'd thought I heard a Carolina anole (lizard) walking nearby & turned to see this. Thanks to Ken Wolgemuth of for the ID!

Monarch butterfly on blue mistflower. Note; If you're in this climate and you want the butterflies to come, plant blue mistflower!

Evidently there are lots of trails here (over 5 miles worth,) but we were only able to find & enjoy about 1/4 mile. Most trails don't seem to have any markings. I'm hoping whoever administers the park isn't finished--that they plan on marking trails and perhaps making the only, posted map a bit more intuitive. It's a large site--it would've been nice to be able to find some of the other trails.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Truly Random Images

Closeup of a local wildflower.

I kind of liked the colors, textures & lines here, outside the front door of a hotel in Arkansas.

We live in "the piney woods" here on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, so this cell tower on Hwy. 190 in Mandeville is "camoflaged" to fit in (as much as it can, at least.)

Flower longhorn beetle on mystery flower.

The world's best salad (and to be honest, I think I prefer it without the added chicken.) The colors, the textures, the tastes--this is truly a lush banquet of a salad. See the almond slivers in there? The slices of mandarin oranges? Go ahead--click & blow it up big for a good look. There are candied walnuts and some kind of very mild cheese, all graced with a wonderful raspberry vinagrette. On my migraine diet (I'm into my 2nd month now,) I can't have any of that, but you can. Go to Taqueria Noria in Mandeville, LA, order a "La Noria salad" and enjoy.
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