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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Outing in Mandeville, Pt. I

Charles' son came over for a visit this past weekend (and we hadn't been there in over 5 months,) so we went down to Northlake Nature Center for a hike.

One of at least 5 spotted gar.

Yellow-bellied water snake.

A great egret off in the distance.

One of two bess beetles. Hard to tell here, but it's about 1.25" long.

There were a few of these lovely bushes around. I don't know what they are...yet.

An old trail had been cleared out, so we got to explore all new areas (which was nice.) More photos coming in my next post--stay tuned!


Charles Gramlich said...

Those beetles were most cool.

Travis Cody said...

A new old trail? Can't wait to see what you discover!

Larry said...

gar looks like a pointy pike.Cool beetle-good sized one.

Rick said...

If that beetle was as big as the egret, we'd all be in trouble!

William Duncan said...

Fantastic images!You've got a great blog.

Heather Landry said...

Hi Lana! I found your blog by accident when searching for images of Bogue Chitto State Park to see if I wanted to take my kiddos. I saw your photo on the side and went... HEY! That's my librarian. LOL Anyway, I wanted to say that your photography is just stunning. You go to some of my favorite places too!

Heather Landry

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Yes, they certainly were!

Travis C.; I love new (old) trails. New places to explore!

Larry; Gar are related to pike, I think. The size of the beetle was kind of surprising! It's like the big rig of beetles!

Rick; THAT's for sure, although bess beetles are tolerant, eat fungus that grows on their own dung (after eating wood,) & don't mind handling, so we'd probably be safe. ;)

William Duncan; Thanks. :) I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!

Heather Landry; Cool beans! I didn't know you were among the local blogosphere! Bogue Chitto's definitely worth a visit. REALLY lovely park (& even has a small water-park kind of area!) Thanks for the kind comment on my photos. We're lucky to be surrounded by the beauty we have here! I'll be vending at the Abita Springs Art & Music Festival on Apr. 17th. If you get out that way, stop by & say hi!

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