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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Northlake with an Eagle Eye, Pt. I and More

Charles and I went back to Northlake Nature Center a couple of weekends ago. My hikes are always much better and more fruitful with my eagle-eyed husband.

6-spotted tiger beetle.

Some kind of snake.

4 Eastern lubber grasshopper nymphs. There were many more in the immediate area. These little nymphs will grow up to be large (about 3" long,) and colorful.

Little wood satyr butterfly.

Bronze frog.

Bumblebee on some kind of wild pea plant.

Stay tuned for more discoveries in Pt. II!

In art news, my Sun through Live Oaks photo is Nature Photo of the Week over on The Nature Conservancy's blog.


Cloudia said...

lovely and lovingly rendered by the heart of a local and artist!

Jolly Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Lynda Lehmann said...

Your header looks beautiful, Lana.

Glad you are getting out on spring walks with Charles. I like to get out a lot before the poison ivy takes hold and the ticks proliferate!

I've never seen grasshoppers such as those! I wonder if the adults keep the red stripe?

Travis Cody said...

I may not always be able to handle the subject matter, but I'm always impressed by the clarity of your pictures.

Erik Donald France said...

Real live beings are so astonishing in their variety and often unexpectedness. You've got it down ~~

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey beautiful Lana,
Love the color on the first one -- it's stunning! Beautiful shots!

Mark said...

I love those grasshoppers. I have never seen those before.

Lana Gramlich said...

Cloudia; Thanks. :)

Lynda; Glad you like the header. :) We have to get out in the Spring, because Summers here are just too brutal. As for the grasshoppers, they lose the stripe, but turn all different colors; yellows, reds, etc. They also get HUGE!

Travis; You're too kind. :)

Erik & Michelle; Thanks, hon.

Mark; Thank you. They're a fairly common sight in our area.

nina kuriloff said...

the green beetle is beautiful!

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks, Nina. They're all over down here!

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