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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Trip, Day 6 (Pt. 1); Sedona, AZ

We woke on Fri., May 13th and had a complimentary hot breakfast on a shaded patio, courtesy of our wonderful hotel. The gentleman serving even came out to get my dish. When I told him I'd intended to bring it in, he told me I was on vacation and shouldn't worry about such things. It was paradise.

I had to get a shot of Charles in his Western gear (with a new replica gun he bought in town.)

We tried hiking up Boynton Canyon, to see the ruins of the native American cliff dwelling I'd spent time in on my last trip, but 15 years wears on a body & we gave up without getting there. We still managed to hike quite a ways along the trail, though. I have to give us credit for making it as far as we did. Another sign of the changes; last time my friends & I just parked on the side of the road (like everyone else,) & started walking. This time we had to buy a special parking pass.

Greater earless lizard.

There were lovely flowers all over.

Sedona's changed since I was first here 15 years ago. Gone was the laundromat I used on my first visit, as well as a dirt parking lot near a greasy spoon with a great view. In their places are boutiques, gift shops and art galleries. It took me a while to sight a familiar landmark and realize where I was. Still, the landscapes are awesome as always and some of the shops were really cool--we saw a fossilized smilodon skull, among other things.

Next up; Red Rock State Park


G said...

Great travelouge of the Southwest. I've been really enjoying the pictures of your trip.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I have as well! (been enjoying the travelogue)

Charles Gramlich said...

It was certainly a gorgeous place. I loved it, as you well know.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey beautiful,

Great shot of Charles and lovely Sedona! I agree with the customer service angle -- Texas is evil!!!!! But Sedona is cool.

Natasha Fondren said...

Wow! You guys have seen more of Arizona than I have! (And that's probably really sad, ROFL.)

I love that flower thing! It reminds me of that toy, that tube one used to hold to their eyes and it had mirrors inside and as you turned it, the beads would fall and the mirrors would make it look like a flower. It's kinda hard to explain. So pretty, though!

Kelly said...

More great places you have described and been to here. Even though it's more commercialized since you were there last time.... I'm glad you saw the positive, which again, seems to come from nature-- most of the time. I've never heard of that lizard before. Cool western gear your significant other has on. Did he catch those bandits?

Spectacular pictures, Lana. Take care!

troutbirder said...

I must say your definitely showing how the desert country is beautiful in its own way. Thanks

NancyU said...

Great Photos. I love the color of the rocks and the flower. What a great adventure!

Lana Gramlich said...

G, Michelle H. & Nancy; Thanks. :)

Charles; It paled in comparison to you, of course.

Michelle's Spell; Thanks, hon. :) Sedona was a nice place for some random wandering and relaxing in the middle of all of the long, hot, sunny hikes. <:P

Natasha; A kaleidoscope? I loved those as a kid. Yeah, the flower formation was cool. There's stuff like that all over Sedona to be seen (it's marketed as a major mystical/new age site.)

Kelly; Thanks. :) Fortunately there were no bandits (or cops, either, since we were along the roadside in a residential area. *L*) Yes, although everything was highly commercialized, nature is (as always,) a treat!

troutbirder; Anytime--thank YOU! :)

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