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Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip, Day 7 (Pt. 1); Page, AZ and More

For those of you who have been following along & know about the death of my laptop back in Carlsbad, NM & the loss of my dinosaur track photos, my techie friend was able to save them. You can pop back for a minute to see them here.

We got into Page, AZ (just a few miles from the Utah border,) around midnight on Fri., May 13th. Still following our directionally-challenged GPS, it took past our destination, us across the Glen Canyon Dam and then said to turn the wrong way up a one-way street. Needless to say, that was the last time we used the GPS.

I hadn't considered how scarce lodgings would be in Page. The North rim of the Grand Canyon had recently opened and there was nary a vacancy to be found. Resulting from a fairly extensive search, Motel 6 left the light on for us.

Sat., May 4th we had some time to kill before an appointment, so we went back to Glen Canyon Dam for a few minutes. The bridge near the dam is the 4th highest in the U.S.

Soon we headed for an off-road ride to Secret Canyon through Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures. We paid a pretty penny for the opportunity, but it was well worth it!

Our tour guide, Robert (at right,) was very nice and informative. He was a great driver, too, thankfully! The ride was wild; we bounced around, held on for dear life and had a great time. At one point I pressed my hands to the ceiling to prevent myself from falling down through the windshield. As we reached our destination Robert gunned it, taking us virtually straight up a sandy rock wall. I shouted "Holy shit," but he let off the gas and we drifted safely back down. Overall, there was a LOT of laughing. No pictures from the ride, however. That was just impossible.

Robert told us a lot about the local flora and fauna. This is a Tiger Whiptail Lizard.

Common side-blotched lizard. A "fat boy," in the local parlance.

Within a few minutes we'd reached the entrance to our slot canyon.

Next post; Secret Canyon


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a wild ride, with a great canyon at the end.

NancyU said...

I am looking forward to your trip inside of the slot canyon. It sounds like the ride to it was a real adventure, and the canyon will be the icing on the cake!

Kelly said...

I believe I'd have to hold on for dear life and yell, "Holy shit!" too if I were in that same situation. But it sounds like you had a great time. I'd love to check out the places you been this year. Good lord, you're fortunate to have seen all of these places. I've saved a couple of your scenic canyon pics and will use them as monitor wallpaper in the future.

"Slot Canyon?" "Hummer Adventures?" Almost sounds like a couple names for some wacky, fun-filled porn films. Never mind. My mind works in mysterious ways... just like God. Tee hee.

Rick said...

I love these photos! I need a trip like this.

Erik Donald France said...

Even the names are evocative -- slot canyon, whiptail lizard . . . so cool.

Something that struck me and one of my sisters on a ride out West: all the place and feature names with "Devil" and "Hell" attached.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Yes, it was great fun! I'm glad we went. :)

NancyU; The canyon was not only great for its beauty, but because it offered the only shade for miles! *LOL*

Kelly; I never thought about "Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures" that way--*ROFL!* Enjoy the desktop wallpaper. ;) If you get the opportunity, I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Colorado Plateau. SO much to see!

Rick; Thanks. :) I do recommend taking such a trip, if/when you can!

Erik; Very true on the "Devil" and "Hell" names. Little wonder, considering the heat and predominance of reddish landscapes, I guess.

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