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Friday, August 12, 2011

Blarg! (Updated)

FYI, our home internet access died completely on Aug. 10th and Wildblue (sucks) has no idea when someone can come to fix it. My only access right now is during my very brief breaks at work (so long as there's a computer available.) Bear with me!

(Update, Aug. 13, 2011; Despite Wildblue's statement that they had no service providers in our area--thus their willingness to leave us hanging indefinitely--I found one the next town over. They couldn't understand why Wildblue wasn't sending them the work order. When I spoke to Wildblue about it, they told me to go ahead and schedule with the local company, call back when it was fixed and they'd apply a $95 credit to our account for the service call. The company had us up and running by 7pm, bless them! When I called Wildblue back again, however, the new CSR said I'd been given "bad information." Basically they refuse to honor their agreement to credit our account. We'll be going on the AT&T waiting list at the very least.
Kudos to A Perfect Satellite in Covington, LA! Boos & hisses to Wildblue, not only for lying about the credit, but for leaving us without internet for days with no resolution and for being willing to leave us in that state indefinitely when one of their authorized companies is a mere 20 minute drive away. A Google search of "Wildblue sucks" provides about a half a million pages. The proof is in the pudding!)


NancyU said...

How awful. Hope they get it fixed soon.

Lana Gramlich said...

Well, Wildblue was content to leave us hanging indefinitely, but I found one of their service providers the next town over & we got it fixed. Although Wildblue authorized it & said they'd credit our account the charge for the service call, they went back on their word afterwards, of course. They never cease to fail us, at least.
Thanks to the people who DID get us up and running, though!

G said...

Now that is incredibly cold and callous for a company to do.

AT&T is pretty good for internet service (I have them for ours) and their tech dept is the best I've come across.

Lana Gramlich said...

G; Wildblue is notorious for sucking, unfortunately. We're paying nearly $100/mo for slower speeds than dial-up. I really abhor them & wanted to go for AT&T as soon as they came to our area. Now they're maxed out here, unfortunately.

Erik Donald France said...

It's always exciting to get things up and ruNning again. This year because of weather etc., I've been withot water, power, and internet at one time or another. But at least things aren't radioactive, so far as I know~~

Lana Gramlich said...

Erik; *LOL* My sympathies. I've had to go without water, etc., in the past, too (once for 10 days, which was HELL.)

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